Lee Cruse to take Sue Wylie's talk-radio spot

Lee Cruse at the the Kentucky Derby in 2006.
Lee Cruse at the the Kentucky Derby in 2006.

Television personality Lee Cruse has been tapped to take Sue Wylie's time slot on WVLK-590 AM. His weekday show from 10 a.m. to noon will begin May 1.

"She was a legend, and this is quite an honor," said Cruse, who provides doses of humor on the morning and noon television newscasts of NBC affiliate WLEX. "And to be bookended by two guys I grew up listening to in Jack Pattie and Kruser ... I'm tickled."

Cruse's show is expected to be lighter at times than Wylie's.

"I'm looking for more light and fun," said Cruse, who has worked in radio before. "It won't mean we won't talk about things like Boston and other things happening here in our community, but I'm always looking for the laugh. Always."

Scott Johnson, WVLK's program and news director, emphasized Cruse's humor in explaining the hiring.

"This is an opportunity to change it up a little and do something a little different," he said. "Lee is the kind of guy who if we want to do something lighter one day, he can do that, but he's certainly capable of stepping up on days when we need it to be more of a hard-news show."

Cruse previously had an afternoon show in the mid-2000s on WVLK rival WLAP 630-AM before he was let go as part of a larger restructuring.

"I do miss the interaction with the audience the way you do on talk radio," Cruse said.

The new show will take place during Cruse's normal WLEX work schedule, and he's received the blessing of his bosses there.

"Lee's first love was always radio," said WLEX News Director Bruce Carter. "He was in radio before he started here, and I think it'll be a great thing for him."

Wylie took a similar path to radio. She began her radio talk show while still working as an anchor for WLEX and chose to continue it after retiring from her television job a couple of years later.

Wylie announced her retirement from radio in March.