Inventor conference features QVC product expert

Scott Hynd, a national product expert, will be the keynote speaker at Inventor-Con.
Scott Hynd, a national product expert, will be the keynote speaker at Inventor-Con.

Lexington's Inventor-Con 2013 has a good problem: It's packing the space it uses at the Central Public Library on Main Street.

The three-hour event, which features speeches on subjects of interest to inventors and free booth space for inventors and service providers, will be held Tuesday.

The featured speaker will be national TV and QVC product expert Scott Hynd, who will be talking about "How to effectively pitch your product." Hynd is president and co-founder of Proformance Marketing Group, a Philadelphia-based marketing firm that specializes in Direct Response Television and product promotion.

"We have grown from just a little event we started back in 2007 to one of the biggest events in the Midwest," said Don Skaggs, a Lexington entrepreneur and president of the Central Kentucky Inventors Council. "People come in from all over the country."

The evening begins with a group of speakers including Hynd in the library auditorium and concludes with time for attendees to visit the various displays of inventions and services in the lobby.

What do the inventors bring?

The event has seen inventions including everything from a laser-guided sling shot to a tool that quickly cleans the underside of lawn mowers, from simple medical tools to biomedical devices.

Skaggs has spent 20 years working in the life science industry on chemicals including a neutralizer for a chemical used in pathology labs and a chemical that disinfects low-temperature chambers used for pathology specimens.

He is working on a new type of scanning device that will scan an image or document with a high level of detail in less than half a second.

Skaggs said that Inventor-Con "really runs the gamut for the industry. It's a lot of inventors with their inventions, things in prototype and things they've brought to market."


Inventor-Con 2013

When: 6-9 p.m. May 7

Where: Central Public Library, 140 E. Main St., Lexington

Cost: Free to attend. Free to exhibit