Definitions — Chapter 7: Court-appointed trustee sells assets, and debtor is discharged of debts. Chapter 11: Company or individual reorganizes under court supervision. Chapter 12: Farmer reorganizes debts under court supervision. Chapter 13: Debtor arranges to repay debt. More information about Eastern Division bankruptcies is at Click the electronic case file icon; follow instructions to set up a PACER account.

Chapter 7

Ashland Division

Vanessa Keeton, Louisa. 13-10142.

Sturl R. Waybright III and Debra K. Waybright, Louisa. 13-10143.

Christopher Heaberlin and Natasha Heaberlin, Grayson. 13-10144.

William Christopher Shepherd, Tollesboro. 13-10145.

Robin S. Arnett, Mount Sterling. 13-10146.

Lester Maples and Jennifer Maples, Morehead. 13-10147.

Pamela Marie Cook, Flatwoods. 13-10148.

Charles William Sineath Jr. and Michelle Dickens Sineath, 1120 McConnell Street. 13-10149.

Leonard Allen Hall, Greenup. 13-10150.

Jane D. Young, 9033 Tipton Ross Road. 13-10151.

Michael K. Long II, Hustonville. 13-10152.

Jessica Gail Sites, Grayson. 13-10153.

Brandon E. Hayslip and Ashley R. Hayslip, South Shore. 13-10154.

Megan A. Nolen, 500 Ox Cart Road, No. 533. 13-10155.

Todd Bradley Collier, Olive Hill. 13-10157.

Jacqueline Blackburn, 3901 Willow Drive. 13-10158.

Holly Gail Harris, Catlettsburg. 13-10159.

Brandon Baier and Samantha Baier, Catlettsburg. 13-10160.

Jonathan R. Daniels and Kimberly D. Daniels, Morehead. 13-10163.

Todd Lindhurst and Katarzyna Lindhurst, South Shore. 13-10164.

Evelyn Cullen, Greenup. 13-10166.

Regina D. Thompson, Olive Hill. 13-10167.

Larry Hagley, 1740 Winchester Avenue, No. 604. 13-10168.

Michelle L. Williams, Morehead. 13-10169.

Frankfort Division

Larry Dean Oliver, Ghent. 13-30214.

Rodney Dwayne Williams and Wendy Mae Williams, Bedford. 13-30216.

John Frederick Jones IV and Christie Ann Jones, Carrollton. 13-30217.

Misty Shay McMillen, 212 Turf Court. 13-30218.

Shelley Machea Appleby, Smithfield. 13-30220.

Leonard Lee Wilson and Patsy Gayle Wilson, Pleasureville. 13-30221.

Kimberly Sue Carpenter, Lawrenceburg. 13-30222.

Paul Roger Smith and Karen Lynn Smith, Shelbyville. 13-30223.

Michael T. Nykamp, Shelbyville. 13-30226.

Joe K. Preston Jr., 103 Valley View Drive. 13-30228.

Cora Mae Hancock, 748 D Ridgeview Drive. 13-30230.

Clayton D. Patterson, Ghent. 13-30231.

Kenneth E. Gribbins Jr. and Susan L. Gribbins, Mount Eden. 13-30232.

Tara D. Richards, 713 Fairview Avenue. 13-30234.

Rebecca L. Coffey, 113 East Third Street. 13-30237.

Albert Webster Davis and Amanda Faye Eldridge, P.O. Box 1004. 13-30238.

Frankie Xavier Mangione, 235 Hollyberry Drive. 13-30239.

Phillip Milliken Montgomery, 236 Blue Ridge Drive. 13-30240.

Lexington Division

Dee Ann Wise, 101 Dundee Drive. 13-50929.

Kara M. Willoughby, Winchester. 13-50930.

Sandra K. Adams, 509 Lamont Drive. 13-50933.

Timothy Daniel Miller, 3532 Greentree Road. 13-50936.

Sarah Ashley Watkins, Winchester. 13-50937.

Justin Carrier and Andrea Carrier, 456 Lenney Drive, No. 4. 13-50938.

David W. Lyon and Angela F. Lyon, Nicholasville. 13-50939.

Brandie Lee Carabello, Beattyville. 13-50945.

Adam Fraley and Laura Fraley, Owingsville. 13-50946.

John C. Kenney Jr., Paris. 13-50948.

Rachel A. Padgett, Nicholasville. 13-50949.

Charles E. Justice and Brenda Joyce Justice, 3756 Old Tates Creek Pike. 13-50950.

Edward L. Anglin, Versailles. 13-50951.

Bernard Barron, 125 St. Ann Drive. 13-50953.

David Wayne Edwards and Diane Edwards, Paint Lick. 13-50954.

Ricky C. Reynolds Jr., Versailles. 13-50955.

Donald David Swain and Rita Ann Swain, 137 McConnels Trace. 13-50956.

James M. Coffey and Sandra Lynn Coffey, Cynthiana. 13-50957.

Billy Mack Johnson, Berea. 13-50959.

Major G. Robertson and Deborah M. Doktor, Sadieville. 13-50960.

Craig S. Gorham and Elizabeth S. Gorham, Winchester. 13-50961.

Samantha C. Casey, Lancaster. 13-50962.

Dana G. Darlington, 1115 Oatlands Park. 13-50963.

Carolyn Jean Brown-Robles, 461 Shawnee Avenue. 13-50964.

Daniel Madison Brewer and Donna Kaye Brewer, Berea. 13-50965.

Robin D. Hayes, 4390 Clearwater Way, No. 2501. 13-50967.

Reita K. Kendrick, Sharpsburg. 13-50968.

Linda Lou Bowman, 284 Mulberry Court. 13-50969.

Judy Campbell, 264 Osage Court. 13-50970.

Deanna Dennis, Waco. 13-50971.

David E. Flatt Jr. and Kimberly L. Flatt, Wallingford. 13-50972.

Roger Brian White, 3808 Dicksonia Drive. 13-50973.

Tamara Diane Turpin, Nicholasville. 13-50974.

Michael S. Kruse and Holly F. Kruse, Versailles. 13-50975.

Ronnie Harvey and Betty Sue Harvey, Clayhole. 13-50976.

Jamie L. Martin, 3751 Appian Way, No. 92. 13-50977.

Samir Z. Nasir, 3650 Tates Creek Road, No. 18. 13-50978.

David John Ringled and Elizabeth Ann Ringled, Berea. 13-50980.

Martin D. Abner, Ewing. 13-50981.

Ira James Brock Sr., Berry. 13-50983.

Makesha S. McDaniels, Richmond. 13-50984.

Karen Winegardner, Mount Sterling. 13-50985.

Christopher D. Allen, Georgetown. 13-50986.

Elizabeth Ann Bowen, Stanford. 13-50987.

Timothy Lee Kent and Lori Gene Kent, 3301 Fall Court. 13-50988.

Lisa M. Kitzmiller, 1155 Horsemans Lane, No. 48. 13-50989.

Commerce Development LLC, Nicholasville. 13-50990.

Darin Shane Flowers, Berea. 13-50991.

Ruby White, 1750 Brewer Drive. 13-50992.

Debra D. Stacy, 1745 Gettysburg Road. 13-50993.

Heather C. Ellis, 792 Lynn Road. 13-50994.

Christopher C. Martin and Angela R. Martin, Versailles. 13-50995.

Mark Wayne Yazell and Edna Scott Yazell, Carlisle. 13-50996.

Greta Lee Cole, Versailles. 13-50997.

David Chaffin, 2370 Lake Park Road, No. 113. 13-50998.

Latisha Danielle Williams, 356 Mulberry Drive. 13-50999.

Stephanie A. Bates, Winchester. 13-51000.

Mark Singleton Fields, Nicholasville. 13-51001.

Timothy Orville Rose and Sherri Kay Rose, Richmond. 13-51003.

Maria Antionatte Sligh, 362 Gawaine Drive. 13-51004.

Theodore Ware Jr. and Sonya Luvette Ware, 4545 Willman Way. 13-51005.

Jeffrey A. Draper Jr. and Megan M. Draper, 3072 Glenwood Drive. 13-51007.

James F. Sandford Jr. and Laura A. Sandford, Lancaster. 13-51008.

Jason L. Hardwick and Brandi M. Hardwick, Lancaster. 13-51009.

Donna Fay Brewer, Jackson. 13-51010.

Maurice Kennedy Jr. and Joanne E. Kennedy, 450 Osprey Circle. 13-51011.

Tracy Harvell White, Nicholasville. 13-51012.

Brandi E. Goodpaster, Mount Sterling. 13-51014.

Sarah R. Young, Paris. 13-51015.

Jennifer L. Hurst, 820 Malabu Drive. 13-51016.

Amber R. Marrs, Georgetown. 13-51017.

Kristen L. Asher, Frenchburg. 13-51019.

Bruce James, 588 East New Circle Road, No. 272. 13-51020.

Vernon Paul Bumgardner and Donna Blakeley Bumgardner, Flemingsburg. 13-51021.

Donald L. Weitz, Richmond. 13-51025.

Tarina Gail Rutherford, Georgetown. 13-51026.

Douglas Eugene Smith, 3600 Brookewind Way, No. 3104. 13-51027.

Matthew Lang Elswick and Heather Michelle Elswick, Richmond. 13-51028.

Sharon E. Burton, 602 Charlbury Road. 13-51031.

Michelle League, Lancaster. 13-51032.

Judy Branham, 1408 Hill Street. 13-51035.

Molly Smart Howell and Stephen Paul Howell, 3736 Wargrave Walk. 13-51036.

Barbara C. Boyd, Sharpsburg. 13-51037.

Edward E. Catchings, Flemingsburg. 13-51038.

Sherman W. Sampson and Tina L. Sampson, Georgetown. 13-51039.

Stefon Kilgore, P.O. Box 11553. 13-51040.

Jody K. Reed, Winchester. 13-51041.

Earl Claunch and Carolyn C. Claunch, Danville. 13-51042.

Judith A. Helton, Stanford. 13-51043.

Celia Spradlin, 204 Hillcrest Avenue. 13-51044.

Kenneth R. Stratton and Carolyn R. Noland, Hustonville. 13-51045.

Dennis J. Slade and Heather M. Slade, Nicholasville. 13-51046.

Mark A. Medley, 2053 Shaker Run Road. 13-51049.

Suzanne Shannon Graham, Paint Lick. 13-51051.

Jorge Luis Puig, 2045 Cambridge Drive, No. 102. 13-51053.

Ariahn Barnes, 3756 Camelot Drive. 13-51054.

Rebecca Erin Miller and Wade Allen Miller, Irvine. 13-51055.

Rebecca Jane Cornell, 3813 Joshua Circle. 13-51058.

Mary E. Estes, Paris. 13-51060.

Danny R. Fultz and Angela K. Fultz, Richmond. 13-51061.

Joseph Anthony Brown, 2207 Circle Drive. 13-51063.

Douglas Ray Cooper and Diane L. Cooper, Harrodsburg. 13-51064.

Emily Harris, 203 Lackawana Road. 13-51065.

Michelle Rose, Irvine. 13-51066.

Bret Matthew Hamilton and Amanda Lou Hamilton, Hillsboro. 13-51067.

Charles Hugh Abney and Martha Alice Abney, Irvine. 13-51068.

Deidre Simpson, Stanford. 13-51069.

Michael S. Smith and Lynsey D. Smith, Danville. 13-51070.

Robert C. Gifford Jr., McKinney. 13-51071.

Kristin N. Moberly and Damon L. Moberly, Nicholasville. 13-51072.

Mary Jean Smith, 1049 Lemon Rue Way. 13-51073.

Neal Ray Goode and Myrtle Marie Goode, Danville. 13-51075.

Richard A. Dell Jr. and Wilma Jo Dell, Hustonville. 13-51076.

Annette W. Bartleson, Harrodsburg. 13-51077.

Todd Lee Pridemore and Melissa Lynn Pridemore, Versailles. 13-51078.

Thelma J. Colston, Nicholasville. 13-51079.

Chapter 13

Ashland Division

Denny Wayne Colyer and Pamela Anderson Colyer, Morehead. 13-10161.

Natasha Stewart, Morehead. 13-10162.

Aaron Joseph Schaffner, Greenup. 13-10165.

Ronnie Gale Vaughn and Jamie Lynn Vaughn, Sandy Hook. 13-10170.

Frankfort Division

Jeffrey D. Taulbee, 3328 Sulphur Lick Road. 13-30211.

Dennis Arnaz Evans, Shelbyville. 13-30212.

Rodger Vale Grammer, LaGrange. 13-30213.

James Randall Bullock Jr. and Laura Rae Bullock, 301 Sycamore Court. 13-30215.

Roger D. Thompson and Donna L. Thompson, Lawrenceburg. 13-30219.

Joseph Todd Metcalf, Shelbyville. 13-30224.

Steve W. Catlett and Deborah Ann Catlett, Shelbyville. 13-30225.

Claudia S. Kuhn, Lawrenceburg. 13-30227.

Joseph D. Wilson and Anita J. Wilson, Shelbyville. 13-30229.

Nanci J. Soard, 1503 Ravencrest Apartments. 13-30233.

Wayne E. Moore and Sarah K. Moore, Shelbyville. 13-30235.

Robert Wayne Risen, Waddy. 13-30236.

Compiled by Dorothea Wingo