Definitions — Chapter 7: Court-appointed trustee sells assets, and debtor is discharged of debts. Chapter 11: Company or individual reorganizes under court supervision. Chapter 12: Farmer reorganizes debts under court supervision. Chapter 13: Debtor arranges to repay debt. More information about Eastern Division bankruptcies is at Click the electronic case file icon; follow instructions to set up a PACER account.

Chapter 7

Lexington Division

Margaret Lynn Young, 1712 New Orleans Court. 13-51080.

Cindy Lynn Robbins, Paris. 13-51081.

Thomas Allen Doty and Rachel S. Doty, 3345 Boston Road. 13-51082.

Pamela S. Childers, Winchester. 13-51084.

James Wilkinson, Versailles. 13-51085.

Eddie McIntosh Jr., Berea. 13-51086.

Robert A. Eaves and Brenda Y. Eaves, Harrodsburg. 13-51087.

Ronnitta S. Allen, P.O. Box 11243. 13-51088.

Melissa G. Wilson, Georgetown. 13-51089.

Christina V. Liddell, 2021 St. Michaels Drive, No. 3. 13-51090.

Emma Christine Dalton, 728 Jackson Street. 13-51091.

Evelyn R. Massie, Georgetown. 13-51094.

Kevin Lee Long, Frenchburg. 13-51095.

Michelle K. Caskey, Clay City. 13-51096.

Jerome L. Beasley Jr. and Jennifer R. Beasley, Nicholasville. 13-51097.

Sherri Denice White, Richmond. 13-51098.

Jason Franz Lowery, 1057 Wedgewood Road. 13-51099.

Hollie M. Branham, Winchester. 13-51100.

Brittany N. Graham and Jerry Graham Jr., Wilmore. 13-51103.

Joshua Anthony Hocker and Jamie Darlene Hocker, 477 Locust Avenue. 13-51104.

London Division

Toni C. Malandro, Burnside. 13-60516.

Dennis Hall and Aileen Hall, Viper. 13-60517.

Enoch Polly and Phyllis Jean Polly, Mount Vernon. 13-60518.

Betty Lou Miller, Brodhead. 13-60519.

Clell D. Lewis and Loretta S. Lewis, 213 Lewis Road. 13-60521.

Dennis Hughes Coslow Jr., Somerset. 13-60522.

Katrena Louiese Stogsdill, Somerset. 13-60523.

Gary L. Strunk and Cheryl A. Strunk, Somerset. 13-60524.

Timothy W. Chandler and Mary K. Chandler, Booneville. 13-60530.

Marshall Jesse Miller and Alice Faye Miller, Science Hill. 13-60531.

Michael L. Adkins, Somerset. 13-60532.

Michael S. Rader, 8862 East Laurel Road. 13-60533.

Grant Lee Weston Hubbard, Lily. 13-60534.

Margaret Kay Young, Corbin. 13-60536.

Lori A. Ard, Somerset. 13-60537.

Mark A. Gretz and Denise R. Gretz, Somerset. 13-60538.

Edward Lee Markham and Donna Louise Markham, East Bernstadt. 13-60539.

Oren W. Barnhill and Linda A. Barnhill, Somerset. 13-60540.

Timothy L. Hughes and Paula Hughes, Somerset. 13-60542.

Scotty Venson Miller and Jennifer Gaile Miller, Somerset. 13-60543.

Charles A. Bearden and Kathy M. Bearden, Closplint. 13-60545.

Latreca Denise Greer, Barbourville. 13-60548.

Linda Louise Spears, Bronston. 13-60549.

Pamela Sue Felts, Corbin. 13-60551.

Melinda K. Brock, Corbin. 13-60553.

James R. Lacefield and Paula J. Lacefield, Corbin. 13-60555.

Ashley Danielle Haynes, Hazard. 13-60556.

Gerardo Gabrielle Leal and Deanna Lynn Leal, Harlan. 13-60557.

Jeffery Combs and Tonya Combs, Happy. 13-60558.

Minnie M. Ross, Stearns. 13-60561.

Barbara A. E. Johnson, Stearns. 13-60562.

Tannie Hill, Pine Knot. 13-60563.

Michael Lee Stewart and Shandon Gay Stewart, Manchester. 13-60565.

Lonnie Bowling and Vernice Bowling, 10 Jamestown Estates. 13-60566.

Opal Marie New, Stearns. 13-60568.

Erma Joyce Terry, Parkers Lake. 13-60569.

Jeffrey D. Martinez and Tosha Martinez, Corbin. 13-60570.

Marc Leslie Roth and Victoria Roth, Somerset. 13-60572.

Devenna Colyer Bales, Somerset. 13-60573.

Gregory Marshall Witt and Allison Courtney Witt, Somerset. 13-60574.

Tabitha Jo Whitehead, Somerset. 13-60575.

William B. Clime and Jeannette M. Clime, Monticello. 13-60576.

Cecil D. West and Kimberly D. West, Monticello. 13-60577.

Randall Jay Johnson, Hazard. 13-60578.

Felicia Nicole Farmer, Harlan. 13-60579.

Nancy Elizabeth Johnson, Baxter. 13-60580.

Lura Rae Adams, Evarts. 13-60581.

Jesse Lynn Bowman and Pamela Faye Bowman, Somerset. 13-60583.

Cyrus L. Byrd and Lesley Ann Byrd, Stearns. 13-60586.

Barry Turner and Tawanna Turner, Somerset. 13-60588.

Irvon Cleo Fulton and Katrina Sue Fulton, Monticello. 13-60590.

Julie Diane Neal, Monticello. 13-60591.

Robert Hamblin, Williamsburg. 13-60592.

Shawn R. Troxell and Emily N. Troxell, Monticello. 13-60593.

Darrell Franklin Scott and Barbara Marie Scott, Mt. Vernon. 13-60594.

Matthew Clyde Hardwick and Lisa Hardwick, Science Hill. 13-60595.

Florence Evangeline Jones and Jobie Jones, Middlesboro. 13-60596.

Pikeville Division

Kendra Colvin, Salyersville. 13-70234.

Earl Duncan, Prestonsburg. 13-70235.

Oma Elkins, 2557 Ratliff's Creek Road. 13-70236.

Deborah Gayheart, Mallie. 13-70237.

Harold R. Hamilton and Lorean G. Hamilton, Salyersville. 13-70238.

Kenny Joe King, Bevinsville. 13-70239.

Jeremy Perry and Krysta Perry, Salyersville. 13-70240.

Charles Scarberry, East Point. 13-70241.

Tiffany Shepherd, Prestonsburg. 13-70242.

John W. Watkins, Salyersville. 13-70243.

Clyde L. Stanley and Anna L. Stanley, Jenkins. 13-70245.

Larry A. Rose Jr., Burdine. 13-70246.

Randall Lee Ramey and Lena Mae Ramey, Sitka. 13-70249.

Channa Brooke Arnett, Salyersville. 13-70250.

Tommy Dale Collins, 507 Burning Fork Road. 13-70252.

Charles E. Young and Miranda L. Young, Whitesburg. 13-70253.

Keith Edward Marsillett, Prestonsburg. 13-70255.

Suprina G. Boggs, Whitesburg. 13-70256.

Adron Patton and Debra Sue Patton, Salyersville. 13-70258.

James Brandon Brewer and Brittany Lee Brewer, Hazard. 13-70261.

Randall Dean Adkins and Tina Ruth Adkins, Prestonsburg. 13-70262.

Donnie Ray Hall, Wayland. 13-70263.

Chapter 13

Lexington Division

Matthew Laurin, Winchester. 13-50931.

Lisa Carol Venn, Versailles. 13-50932.

Patrick E. Kelly and Bonnie H. Kelly, Midway. 13-50934.

Tiffany L. Hale, Danville. 13-50935.

Marlon W. Morris Sr., Richmond. 13-50940.

Robert Shane Ward and Paula Gale Ward, Berea. 13-50941.

Howard Donny Dixon, Irvine. 13-50942.

Bonnie Fay Robinson, Richmond. 13-50943.

Timothy Lee Thompson and Michelle B. Thompson, Berea. 13-50944.

DaVonna D. Berry, 1125A Mount Rushmore Way. 13-50947.

Eulan Michael Sams and Lisa Jo Sams, Berea. 13-50952.

Danny Gene Sell Jr., Berea. 13-50958.

William P. Toy and Stephanie M. Toy, Mount Sterling. 13-50966.

David Wayne Hollon and Joyce Ann Hollon, Campton. 13-50979.

Alexander Huston Lacy, Stanton. 13-50982.

Alishia Ann Corbin, Flemingsburg. 13-51002.

Michelle F. Lyons, 185 Market Street, No. 202. 13-51006.

Ida D. Brothers, 713 Brookhill Drive. 13-51013.

Gary Lee Godsey, Jackson. 13-51018.

Stanford Lynn West and Melissa Monday-West, 4157 Watertrace Drive. 13-51022.

George Caudill and Patricia Ann Caudill, Beattyville. 13-51023.

Michael K Martin, 352 Madison Place, No. 3. 13-51024.

Bernie Edward Smith Sr., 3422 Wallingford Court. 13-51029.

Philip Dwayne Overstreet, 316 Forest Hill Drive. 13-51030.

Bethany Faye Chambliss, 812 Malabu Drive, No. 6. 13-51033.

Shanell S. Kline, 1356 Grafton Drive. 13-51034.

Todd Daniels, Campton. 13-51047.

Eddie Darryl Pelfrey, Vancleve. 13-51048.

Keith Sylvester Brown and Jahauna Lynn Brown, 596 Skyview Lane. 13-51050.

Frank Vernon Prickett and Geneva Lynn Prickett, Crab Orchard. 13-51052.

James H. Martin, 3504 Spindthrift Trace. 13-51056.

Daniel Reuben Childs Sr. and Laura White Childs, 4176 Forsythe Drive. 13-51057.

Robert R. Richardson and Tanya L. Richardson, Versailles. 13-51059.

Charles Lewis West, 1134 Jonestown Lane. 13-51062.

Shirley M. Byrd, 333 Corral Street. 13-51074.

Arnie C. Guy and Kathy Guy, 260 Medlock Road. 13-51083.

Herbert Lee Nealy Sr. and Esther Goldie Nealy, 2708 Green Valley Court. 13-51092.

William J. Scott and Diana R. Scott, 809 Ridgebrook Road. 13-51093.

April Leann Fair, Richmond. 13-51101.

David C. Peel and Margaret A. Peel, Nicholasville. 13-51102.

Terry Wayne Frazier and Connie Jo Frazier, Richmond. 13-51105.

London Division

Henry Chan Hayes and Regina Lynn Hayes, Mount Vernon. 13-60520.

Jimmy Michael England, Middlesboro. 13-60525.

Jeremy L. Martin, 626 Sasser School Road. 13-60526.

William Alfred Zunda, Evarts. 13-60527.

Dwayne Jones Jr. and Tammy Sue Jones, Evarts. 13-60528.

Clifton Powell and Barbara Gail Powell, 262 Mullins Rd. 13-60529.

Tracy Anne Curry, Evarts. 13-60535.

Paul Douglas Thomas II and Brandi Nicole Thomas, Brodhead. 13-60541.

Mark C. Coffey and Teresa L. Coffey, Stearns. 13-60544.

Mildred G. Blevins, Mount Vernon. 13-60546.

Dean Allen Hahn, Brodhead. 13-60547.

Elmer Lee Davis and Susie G. Davis, Annville. 13-60550.

James Arlie Adams and Denise Adams, Hazard. 13-60552.

Juanita Woods, Vicco. 13-60554.

Keigan Tyler Salyers, Stinnett. 13-60559.

Wendy R. Pollitt, Somerset. 13-60560.

Jerry Walker Blevins Sr. and Aimee Kay Blevins, Mc Kee. 13-60564.

Shannon Lee Duncan and Freda Feltner Duncan, 462 Hanna Leigh Trail. 13-60567.

Cheryl Lynn Thompson, Stoney Fork. 13-60571.

Michael Phillips, Stearns. 13-60582.

Trixie Renee Hale, Middlesboro. 13-60584.

Christopher Lee Shaw and Melissa Faye Shaw, Livingston. 13-60585.

Matthew Saylor and Jennifer Saylor, East Bernstadt. 13-60587.

Donnie Wayne Smith and Lora Ann Smith, Krypton. 13-60589.

Pikeville Division

Dennis Daniels, Prestonsburg. 13-70244.

Hollie Tackett, Wheelwright. 13-70247.

Curtis W. Fraley and Lucinda D. Fraley, Oil Springs. 13-70248.

Tamara Jacobs, Sassafras. 13-70251.

Donnie R. Wright and Deborah K. Wright, Seco. 13-70254.

Michael R. Adams and Christy L. Adams, Paintsville. 13-70257.

Kenneth Collins and Ima Sue Collins, Betsy Layne. 13-70259.

Kenny D. Looney and Connie M. Looney, P.O. Box 3972. 13-70260.

Elijah Johnson and Mary E. Johnson, Jenkins. 13-70264.

Ralph Little and Vicky A. Little, Neon. 13-70265.

Compiled by Dorothea Wingo