Definitions — Chapter 7: Court-appointed trustee sells assets, and debtor is discharged of debts. Chapter 11: Company or individual reorganizes under court supervision. Chapter 12: Farmer reorganizes debts under court supervision. Chapter 13: Debtor arranges to repay debt. More information about Eastern Division bankruptcies is at Click the electronic case file icon; follow instructions to set up a PACER account.

Chapter 7

Ashland Division

Cindy R. Wells, Morehead. 13-10187.

Kyle J. Fraley, Argillite. 13-10188.

John D. Savage and Linda D. Savage, 3909 Gartin Avenue. 13-10189.

Mary M. Quesinberry, Morehead. 13-10190.

Musette Marie Dobson, 1815 Booth Quillen Road. 13-10191.

Charles William Wilks and Erica Michele Wilks, Flatwoods. 13-10192.

Deborah Lynn Rice, Louisa. 13-10193.

Jeromy Wayne Rucker, 846 Gail Drive, No. 22. 13-10194.

Angela Lena Stafford, Olive Hill. 13-10197.

Haeberle C. Bradford Sr. and Pamela Bradford, Grayson. 13-10199.

William M. Dodge, Sandy Hook. 13-10200.

Janie Alene Hart, 1505 13th St. 13-10201.

Traci Nelson, 2125 1/2 Hoods Creek Pike. 13-10202.

Sabrina Lynn Spence, Inez. 13-10203.

Cheryl Ann Baker, Greenup. 13-10204.

Brian Curtis Thomas and Stacie Noel Thomas, 4699 Nottingham Court. 13-10205.

Robin Keeton, Denton. 13-10206.

James A. McIntyre and Tammy L. McIntyre, 3904 Mound Street. 13-10208.

Travis S. Falls, Louisa. 13-10209.

Frankfort Division

Brenda F. Estes, 323 Westland Drive. 13-30264.

Sandra D. Maxberry, Lawrenceburg. 13-30265.

Nancy J. Aldridge, 305 Greenfields Lane. 13-30266.

Cindy B. Wooldridge, 119 Butler Street. 13-30267.

Ashley N. Napier, Lawrenceburg. 13-30268.

Tierra B. Johnson, 811 Forest Street. 13-30270.

Joshua Poole and Kristy Poole, 429 Greenfields Ln.. 13-30272.

Eric Frank Redenbaugh and Rebecca Ann Redenbaugh, Shelbyville. 13-30273.

Robert J. Whitnel, Lawrenceburg. 13-30274.

Lester Dale Spivey, Milton. 13-30275.

Betty Lee West, Eminence. 13-30277.

Brian A. Murphy and Jennifer D. Murphy, 216 Tinderwood Drive. 13-30278.

Kimberly Manns, 225 Missouri Avenue. 13-30279.

Carlos A. Bosch, 530 Alfa Drive. 13-30281.

Darren W. Slaughter, 766 Hillcrest Avenue. 13-30282.

Matthew S. Robinson, 815B Ridgeview Drive. 13-30283.

Connie Lou Kinder, Lawrenceburg. 13-30284.

John Wildbore, 151 Winding Way Drive. 13-30285.

Lexington Division

Lisa C. McDaniel, Versailles. 13-51209.

Leticia Nerio, 170 Donabrook Court, No. 3. 13-51210.

Erica Murphy, Mount Sterling. 13-51212.

April Renee Hester, Richmond. 13-51213.

Brent Edward Gardner, Nicholasville. 13-51214.

Tammy M. Huff, Lancaster. 13-51215.

Jesse Eric Sallee and Emily M. Sallee, Hustonville. 13-51216.

Manuel Mendez and Jennifer Mendez, Wilmore. 13-51217.

James E. Smalley and April J. Smalley, Danville. 13-51218.

Melissa Dawn Metcalf, Nicholasville. 13-51219.

Timothy R. Jones and Barbara A. Jones, Mount Sterling. 13-51220.

Brandon Chase Mitchell and Jessica Sue Mitchell, 489 Newbury Way. 13-51221.

Maryssa Lyneah Cummins, 536 Dabney Drive. 13-51222.

Geneva Hartman, Paris. 13-51223.

David Spicer, Winchester. 13-51224.

Joshua Robert Howard, Carlisle. 13-51225.

Darrell Ray French, Richmond. 13-51226.

Nathan A. Ratcliff, 446 Anniston Drive. 13-51227.

Terry L. Duckwall Jr. and Leslee N. Duckwall, Salvisa. 13-51228.

Bryan Clark, Nicholasville. 13-51229.

Ollie T. Burgess, Winchester. 13-51230.

Christine Gail Boka, Paris. 13-51231.

Aasiya A Hardin, 2937 Wintergarden Drive, No. 2. 13-51232.

Leslie Ann Jones, 2704 Silver Mare Court. 13-51233.

Eunice May McCullough, Berea. 13-51234.

David Eugene McKee and Delmis F. McKee, Hillsboro. 13-51235.

Rebecca Jo Brewer, Stanton. 13-51237.

Holli Christina Hendrix, Waco. 13-51238.

Hernando Plata-Madrid and Lisa L. Martin, Versailles. 13-51239.

Amanda Jo Conlee, Mount Sterling. 13-51240.

Ashley N. Coy, 2221 Alexandria Drive. 13-51241.

Jeffrey Douglas Burke, Flemingsburg. 13-51242.

Joshua McCoy Mills and Daven Richelle Mills, Richmond. 13-51243.

Barbara Jean Renfro, Richmond. 13-51244.

Geraldine M. Reed, Ewing. 13-51245.

Darlene Skaggs, 3457 Smoky Mountain Drive. 13-51247.

Ricky A. Kitchen, Flemingsburg. 13-51248.

Ronald C. Perry II and Erin C Perry, 2281 Hume Road. 13-51249.

Vicky Dean Brown, Waco. 13-51250.

Jesse S. Hawkins, Waco. 13-51251.

Samantha Gilbert, Paris. 13-51253.

Mark A. Greene and Lashone Greene, Harrodsburg. 13-51255.

Rachel A. Moore, Nicholasville. 13-51256.

LaTreese D. Blair, Winchester. 13-51257.

Carladon Martin, 1512 Fort Sumter Court. 13-51259.

Boyd G. Caudill and Susan I. Caudill, Winchester. 13-51260.

Kevin Jameson Florence and Tabitha Paige Florence, Paris. 13-51261.

Jerry Lee Sons and Mary Paulette Sons, Stanton. 13-51266.

Richard William Hays and Kimberly M. Hays, Winchester. 13-51268.

James Russell McGuire II, Richmond. 13-51270.

Tamela Jean Burns, Richmond. 13-51271.

Delores Ann Denardo, Jeffersonville. 13-51272.

Larry Chowning and Rita Chowning, 240 Pepper Drive. 13-51273.

Debra L. Arvin, P.O. Box 11572. 13-51274.

Warren P. Brookins and Deborah F. Brookins, Nicholasville. 13-51275.

Russell Davidson and Madeliene Davidson, Sadieville. 13-51276.

Tana Marilyn Young, 1216 Fontaine Road. 13-51277.

Chassity Dawn Fair, Salt Lick. 13-51279.

Phyllis A. Nichols, 1116 Kees Road, No. 1. 13-51280.

Christopher R. Johnson and Mindy J. Johnson, Versailles. 13-51281.

Davina Renee Fryman, Cynthiana. 13-51282.

James L. Massey Jr. and Vickie L. Massey, Danville. 13-51283.

Ashley Lynn Crowe, 2853 Snow Road, No. 5. 13-51284.

Carolyn J Kampwerth, 828 Malabu Drive, No. 214. 13-51286.

Jonathan M. Barnes and Rebecca E. Barnes, Georgetown. 13-51287.

Odessa Casey West, 3289 Wem Drive. 13-51288.

Kenneth B. Lawson, 1176 Appian Crossing Way. 13-51290.

Charlotte L. Kirk, 2670 Palumbo Drive. 13-51292.

William F. Hendron, 538 Benton Road. 13-51293.

Edward Marshall Cockriel, 1219 Ridgeway Road. 13-51294.

Timothy Mark Lowe, Berea. 13-51295.

Amanda Gabrielle Rader, Richmond. 13-51296.

Lois A. Kelly, Richmond. 13-51298.

Mindy Horn, Stanton. 13-51299.

Garrit M. Enoch, Georgetown. 13-51300.

Alonza Amon Staton and Sharon Kaye Staton, Lancaster. 13-51301.

Randy K. Caudill and Stacy T. Caudill, Stanford. 13-51302.

Jesse S. Fisher and Pamela E. Fisher, Versailles. 13-51303.

Ruby Peel, Lancaster. 13-51307.

Carl R. Wise and Mildred H. Wise, 360 Harvard Drive. 13-51310.

Harry A. Miller, Winchester. 13-51311.

Richard R. Doyle, Perryville. 13-51312.

Tamara M. LaBore, 1974 Mountjoy Place. 13-51313.

Albert T. Hoffman and Angela A. Hoffman, Versailles. 13-51314.

Kenneth Knowles, 1375 Beulah Park. 13-51315.

Mark E. Jarrell, 2090 Old Nassau Road. 13-51316.

Carlos Jay Miller Jr. and Tammy Marie Miller, Salvisa. 13-51317.

Jennifer Elaine Kelley, Waco. 13-51319.

Jason S. Skaggs and Marianne Skaggs, Mount Sterling. 13-51321.

Tammy Louise Craft, Paris. 13-51322.

William Thomas Davis and Danielle Bonnie Davis, Berea. 13-51324.

David L. Fraley, Stanton. 13-51326.

Larry Keith Oswalt and Ponzie S. Oswalt, Georgetown. 13-51327.

Artie B. Penney, Paris. 13-51328.

William Collier Mathes II and Alanna K. Mathes, Paris. 13-51329.

Chapter 13

Ashland Division

Jeffrey Lynn Bias and Ellen Bias, 1400 Montgomery. 13-10195.

Michael L. Sloas, Louisa. 13-10196.

James David Riffe and Lisa B. Riffe, 2509 Hackworth Street. 13-10198.

Bethany Davis, 2313 Hilton Avenue. 13-10207.

Frankfort Division

Daryl W. May and Christine A. May, Milton. 13-30269.

Ramona Robertson, Corinth. 13-30271.

David Wayne Martin and Judith Ann Martin, Bethlehem. 13-30276.

Brian J. McNew, Waddy. 13-30280.

Helal U. Ahmed, 200 Robert Green Boulevard. 13-30286.

Compiled by Dorothea Wingo