Insight customers need to change voicemail, email address

The time has come for Insight customers to make the change from Insight internet and phone service to Time Warner Cable service.

And, beginning June 10, that means all Insight customers are required to change their voicemail recording for TWC's digital service, and email address the following week, beginning June 17.

"We are committed to making sure the transition goes as smoothly as possible and will continue to communicate with customers throughout the process," said Michael Hogan TWC Media Relations Manager.

There are no customer costs associated with the service changes according to TWC, and no repercussions for Insight customers for not changing their email address.

As for voicemail, on June 10 customers will need to re-record a greeting and reset their voicemail password. If the voicemail is not changed, customers will not be able to receive voice messages.

Customers who do not register their emails will be notified of the date TWC will be moving them over.

"We have been proactively communicating to customers about the transition by web, direct mail, billing and emails," Hogan said.

Detailed emails and postcards will continue to be sent on the process, but this change has been a long-time coming.

Since news of the change was released in August, 2011 about TWC's acquiring of Insight, letters have been regularly mailed to Insight customers with news of the changes, Hogan said.

With these changes taking place, one question on the minds of many Insight customers is when the change from Insight television service will change to TWC as well?

"The company plans to introduce its advanced, innovative cable products and services to customers in the future and will keep customers well informed of those plans," Hogan said.

Visit the TWC Welcome Website,, for FAQs and more information about the changes.

TWC completed its $3 billion acquisition of Insight in Feb., 2012. The deal gave Time Warner Cable an additional 760,000 customers in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio, including Lexington, Louisville, Bowling Green and Columbus, Ohio.