Bankruptcies: Week of June 24

Definitions — Chapter 7: Court-appointed trustee sells assets, and debtor is discharged of debts. Chapter 11: Company or individual reorganizes under court supervision. Chapter 12: Farmer reorganizes debts under court supervision. Chapter 13: Debtor arranges to repay debt. More information about Eastern Division bankruptcies is at Click the electronic case file icon; follow instructions to set up a PACER account.

Chapter 7

Ashland Division

Ryan P. Burton and Michelle Burton, Grayson. 13-10213.

Sandra L. Gunder, Ezel. 13-10214.

Sean Glenn Vanover, Mazie. 13-10215.

Donna Sue Wolford, Louisa. 13-10218.

Rebecca Lynn Tengowski, 12724 Copley Road. 13-10219.

Clyde Ray Horn and Barbara Sue Horn, Louisa. 13-10220.

Vicki S. Lewis, Grayson. 13-10221.

Joyce Elaine Cobern, Catlettsburg. 13-10222.

James Derrick Felty, 1817 Englewood Avenue. 13-10224.

Andrew Dean Smith and Gina LeeAnn Smith, South Shore. 13-10225.

John Michael Gifford, 2325 Smith Street. 13-10226.

Patricia L. Carter, Louisa. 13-10227.

Arnold Perkins and Mary Perkins, Grayson. 13-10228.

Frankfort Division

Billy J. Campbell, Lawrenceburg. 13-30287.

Charles Ernest Green III and Lisa Ann Green, Waddy. 13-30289.

William Michael Barnes and Dana Marie Barnes, 727 Ridgeview Drive, Unit A. 13-30290.

Bobby Todd Tracy and Erika Renae Tracy, 503 Shenandoah Drive. 13-30292.

Betty Jo Link, 1020 Champion Drive. 13-30293.

Allan Lee Ogden and Teresa Brawner Ogden, 1211 Pradero Drive. 13-30296.

Willie D. Parsons and Deborah K. Parsons, 7104 Old Owenton Road. 13-30297.

Lawrence Wainscott, Pleasureville. 13-30298.

Jennifer D. Rego, Campbellsburg. 13-30299.

Rebecca Ann Smith, Pleasureville. 13-30301.

Ann S. Coombs, Bedford. 13-30302.

George Updike and Ada Updike, 2174 Indian Gap Road. 13-30303.

Becky Mae Murphy and Christopher Lee Murphy, Waddy. 13-30310.

Jean G. Bass, Lawrenceburg. 13-30311.

Jessica R. Tillman, 750 Highway 151. 13-30312.

Junior W. Groves and Cindy L. Groves, 437 Harrodswood Road, No. 4. 13-30313.

Todd Dwayne Dehner Sr. and Robin Ann Dehner, Shelbyville. 13-30314.

Douglas Brent Goodlett and Tiffany Lynn Goodlett, Lawrenceburg. 13-30315.

Angela Lynn Jones, Waddy. 13-30316.

Richard Gayle, Carrollton. 13-30317.

Jacqueline N. Louden, Bedford. 13-30318.

Gena Day Goodrich, Owenton. 13-30319.

Lexington Division

Larry Wayne Whitt, Stamping Ground. 13-51343.

Victoria L. Bradshaw, Nicholasville. 13-51346.

Flonnie Kathryne Morse, Nicholasville. 13-51350.

Christopher M. Worthington and Glenna F. Worthington, Harrodsburg. 13-51351.

David W. Phelps and Melissa J. Cochensparger, Danville. 13-51352.

Sherry D. Spencer, 498 Darby Creek Road, Unit D. 13-51353.

Michael T. Stamper, Hazel Green. 13-51354.

Bridget L. Whisman, Campton. 13-51355.

Mary L. McGee, Paris. 13-51356.

Denise Jania Bledsoe, 533 Kildare Court. 13-51357.

James Watson IV and LeAnna Watson, Harrodsburg. 13-51359.

Donna Alline Webb, Cynthiana. 13-51360.

Louis C. Cundiff, Means. 13-51361.

Christopher Scott Davis and Melony Ann Davis, Paris. 13-51362.

Bonnie Jill Rader, Richmond. 13-51363.

Timothy L. Becknell, Waco. 13-51364.

Bobby Wayne Reedy, Richmond. 13-51365.

Steve Bryant, Nicholasville. 13-51366.

Alma J. Brewer, Jackson. 13-51368.

Michael H. Psimer, Clay City. 13-51369.

Richard A. Mahan, Nicholasville. 13-51370.

Scottie L. Hooker and Ethel Inez Hooker, Crab Orchard. 13-51372.

Linda N. Gossey, Georgetown. 13-51373.

William F. Fiola Jr., 4208 Needlerush Drive. 13-51374.

Shelby J. McClements, 3716 Trent Circle, No. 207. 13-51375.

Lewanda Jackson, 3099 Kirklevington Road, No. 158. 13-51376.

Susan M. Brown, 409 Jade Circle. 13-51377.

Garry Robinson and Mary Lou Robinson, Salt Lick. 13-51378.

Jennifer L. Duke, 957 Sugarbush Trail. 13-51379.

Melvin W. Machal, Nicholasville. 13-51380.

Geraldine Carmichael, Sharpsburg. 13-51381.

Samuel Gregory Kuhnke and Dorothy Feeback Kuhnke, Georgetown. 13-51382.

James Lee Massey, 2148 Larkspur Drive, No. 32B. 13-51383.

Joseph Bond and Laurinda Dawn Bond, Burgin. 13-51384.

Kimberly Singleton, Danville. 13-51385.

Gregory James Landis and Erica Michelle Landis, Waynesburg. 13-51386.

Maura E. Reynolds, Wilmore. 13-51390.

Amy Jo Walls, Georgetown. 13-51392.

Justin Kain Clarkson and Jaime Elizabeth Clarkson, Danville. 13-51393.

April L. Wilhoite, 2723 Muir Station Road. 13-51396.

Raymond H. Henry and Melissa G. Henry, Gravel Switch. 13-51397.

Shelia Jean James, 1601 Villa Medici Pass, No. 123. 13-51399.

Kenneth Wade Fowler and Jodi Lynn Young, Winchester. 13-51400.

Cheryl Lachelle Holland, 1542 Grant Drive. 13-51402.

Victoria Lynn Evans, 492 Scottsdale Circle. 13-51403.

Christina L. Cotton, 3316 Tahoe Road. 13-51404.

Michael B. Crawford and Dorothy Crawford, Midway. 13-51405.

James Patterson, 3801 Walhampton Drive. 13-51407.

Grover F. Case IV and Heather D. Case, Versailles. 13-51408.

Mark Leland Honican and Marylou Hall Honican, Nicholasville. 13-51409.

Julie Kay Donaldson, 505 Joseph Bryan Way. 13-51410.

Archie L. Jones, 305 Blue Grass Avenue. 13-51411.

Brian J. Overton and Moranda J. Overton, 209 Belmont Court. 13-51412.

Mona E. Arritt, 3363 Cove Lake Drive, No. 521. 13-51415.

Joseph Curtis Lane, 428 Lin Wal. 13-51416.

Dallas Morgan Emerson, 606 Waxwing Way. 13-51417.

Jeremy Clay Keesy, Cynthiana. 13-51418.

Jimmy Ray Claunch and Angellina Mae Claunch, Hustonville. 13-51419.

Marcus R. Kirby Jr., Irvine. 13-51420.

Ramona Renee Merrill, Irvine. 13-51421.

Brian Jackson, Flemingsburg. 13-51423.

Milburn Miles and Paula Miles, Mount Sterling. 13-51424.

Brenda S. Jewell, Beattyville. 13-51425.

Ashley N. Johnson, Jackson. 13-51426.

Richard L. Little, Campton. 13-51427.

Edith M. Barnes, 2841 Ryan Circle, No. 7. 13-51428.

Douglas Lloyd. Smith, Harrodsburg. 13-51430.

James Chesnut Maxson, 329 Deerfield Lane. 13-51431.

Ty Cravens, 681 Eureka Springs, Unit B. 13-51432.

Flora Lee Davenport, 3673 Crosby Drive. 13-51433.

Paul Nathaniel Novielli, 3418 Laredo Drive. 13-51434.

Amber S. Pickerill, 3469 Featheridge. 13-51435.

Franklin Benjamin Ramsay and Crystal Leann Ramsay, Georgetown. 13-51438.

Kathleen Yarber, Richmond. 13-51439.

Roger D. Combs and Wanda S. Combs, Lost Creek. 13-51440.

Fannie G. Keller and Jack H. Keller, Beattyville. 13-51441.

Mark E. Yonts, 501 Westerfield Way. 13-51442.

Anthony Lamarc Harvey, Richmond. 13-51443.

Sara Elizabeth Lainhart, Waco. 13-51444.

Donnie Ray Thacker, Richmond. 13-51445.

Randy Dwayne Fuller, 2401 Seine Road. 13-51446.

Erik M. Meadows and April N. Meadows, Winchester. 13-51447.

Kellie Ann Hale, 1283 Muir Station Road. 13-51448.

London Division

Adam S. Gross and Stacy A. Gross, Lily. 13-60705.

James Westley Vetor and Christina Tenille Vetor, 86 Wren Road. 13-60706.

Silas A. Thomas and Melanie G. Thomas, Booneville. 13-60707.

Darren Anthony Stokely, Buckhorn. 13-60708.

Nerva Woods, Viper. 13-60709.

Bobby Ambrose and Rose Ambrose, Yerkes. 13-60710.

Danny Lee Napier, Chavies. 13-60711.

Marlon Clarence Daws and Lois Ann Daws, Somerset. 13-60712.

Garrett D. Kinkade, Miracle. 13-60713.

William Daniel Campbell and Linda Diane Campbell, Somerset. 13-60714.

Christopher Kay Patton and Janna Maria Patton, Monticello. 13-60715.

Daniel Garcia Hernandez, Somerset. 13-60716.

Jimmie R. Jackson, West Somerset. 13-60717.

Connie Sue Hoskins, Middlesboro. 13-60718.

Nathaniel Ryan Brite and Christina Ruthann Brite, Cawood. 13-60719.

Billy R. Begley, Hazard. 13-60720.

Joyce Marlene Jones and Lowell Jones Sr., Arjay. 13-60721.

Timothy J. Dobbs, Science Hill. 13-60722.

Timothy J. Lewis and Morgan N. Lewis, Corbin. 13-60723.

Terry Dewey McClure and Rebecca Lynn McClure, East Bernstadt. 13-60724.

Bryan Michael Harris, Manchester. 13-60726.

Jody Prasertsaeng, 57 Watermelon Drive, No. 1. 13-60727.

Kevin Dale Clontz and Monica Rae Clontz, Corbin. 13-60728.

Carl Hickman Jr., Frakes. 13-60729.

Glenna C. Wilson, Keavy. 13-60730.

Robert Dale Vanover, Williamsburg. 13-60731.

Steven Curtis Dykes, Girdler. 13-60732.

Normajean Hall, Eubank. 13-60733.

Tilford R. Barger and Evie Barger, Lily. 13-60734.

Roger Dale Asberry, Baxter. 13-60735.

Gary Brent Lewis, Bledsoe. 13-60736.

Gary Paul Branson and Renea Nichelle Branson, Harlan. 13-60737.

David Mearl Hamm and Patsy Joyce Hamm, Lily. 13-60739.

Cherylene Thompson, 22 Maylene Drive. 13-60740.

Brandon Scott Snell, Somerset. 13-60741.

Ronald Lee Wesley and Eva Mae Wesley, Science Hill. 13-60742.

Quinton Leo Brown and Casandra Eudeen Brown, Somerset. 13-60743.

Michael Eugene Meranda Sr and Joyce Lynn Meranda, Somerset. 13-60745.

James Howard Mayfield, Somerset. 13-60746.

Bobbie S. Bargo, Barbourville. 13-60749.

Pikeville Division

William Henry Scott, Inez. 13-70320.

Velma L. Lindsey, Belcher. 13-70321.

Bobby Dean Bowman and Lakyn Renna Bowman, Mc Andrews. 13-70322.

Amy Nichole Cline, Huddy. 13-70323.

Joshua R. Blackburn, Varney. 13-70324.

Robbie Lynn Helton, Salyersville. 13-70325.

Curine William Hughes, Prestonsburg. 13-70329.

Carl D. Portwood, Redfox. 13-70331.

Lela June Collier, Whitesburg. 13-70332.

Robert Sean Young, Hindman. 13-70333.

Robert Allen May and Teresa Lynn May, P.O. Box 764. 13-70336.

Annette Hall, Staffordsville. 13-70337.

Florence Hall, Elkhorn City. 13-70338.

Shannon Hall, McDowell. 13-70339.

Brenda Justice, Prestonsburg. 13-70340.

Christopher Kimbler, Sitka. 13-70341.

Nancy Sandlin, Mallie. 13-70342.

Elbert Spears and Brenda Spears, Sitka. 13-70343.

Sheri Lemaster, Salyersville. 13-70348.

David Cody Thomas and Heather Daleah Thomas, Redfox. 13-70349.

Judy Kay Marshall, Salyersville. 13-70351.

Kenneth B. Gamble and Essie Gamble, Blue River. 13-70352.

Chapter 11

Lexington Division

Stewart Companies LLC, 2604 Clubside Court. 13-51367.

Chapter 13

Ashland Division

Glenn E. Bennett and Robin K. Bennett, 1140 Russell Street. 13-10210.

Claire R. Carper, Grayson. 13-10211.

Paul Edward Rice and Cindy Lynn Rice, 2509 W. Euclid Avenue. 13-10212.

Jason Benjamin Owen, Webbville. 13-10216.

Clark W. Townsend and Anita L. Townsend, 2121 Hoods Creek Pike. 13-10217.

Mark E. Taylor and Lisa L. Taylor, Greenup. 13-10223.

Frankfort Division

Alice J. Hocker, 252 Kingsway Drive. 13-30288.

Sherry L. Smith, 4184 St. Johns Road. 13-30291.

Samuel K. Jones and Celestine C. Jones, 518 Steele Street. 13-30294.

Johnnie T. Burke and Staci J. Burke, Owenton. 13-30295.

Katresha L. Clay, 236 Landings Drive. 13-30300.

Jodie R. Gould, Ghent. 13-30304.

Jeffrey B. Barlow and Pennie R. Barlow, Lawrenceburg. 13-30305.

Robert Franklin Jansen, Shelbyville. 13-30306.

Anita Lee Monroe, 1315 Louisville Road, No. 1-D. 13-30307.

Rex T. Robinson and Shannon R. Robinson, Lawrenceburg. 13-30308.

Charles E. Smith and Deborah D. Smith, 219 Stable Lane. 13-30309.

Lexington Division

Ricky Lewis Kaylor, Berea. 13-51344.

Jeffrey Frank Vice and Christy Leigh Vice, Sharpsburg. 13-51345.

Christine Johns, Nicholasville. 13-51347.

Sammy Clabe Herald, Campton. 13-51348.

Penny Cline Barbour, 3853 Aria Lane. 13-51349.

Bobby Duncan, 1119 Tatesbrook Drive. 13-51358.

Gregory Bach and Conitha Bach, Ewing. 13-51371.

Pamela Sue Isaacs and Russell Morris Isaacs, Irvine. 13-51387.

Timothy Ellis Parke, Richmond. 13-51388.

Christine Ellen Keswick, Richmond. 13-51389.

Edna M. Sharp, 2104 Saint Michael Drive. 13-51391.

James Steven Reams, Richmond. 13-51394.

Jerry Dale Vanzant II, Georgetown. 13-51395.

Donna Harrison Centers and Ricky Dean Centers, Richmond. 13-51398.

Yvonne Shea McCarty, Paris. 13-51401.

James Bradley Vandiver and Kimberly M. Vandiver, Harrodsburg. 13-51406.

Leslie W. Withers and Sandra F. Withers, Irvine. 13-51413.

Anne F. Strode, 350 East Short Street, No. 207. 13-51414.

Keller Garner Jr. and Jessica Lee Garner, 528 Glen Arvin Avenue. 13-51422.

Donna C. Fightmaster, Sadieville. 13-51429.

Christopher Lee Cobb and Frances Lynn Cobb, Nicholasville. 13-51436.

Terrie M. Vance, Georgetown. 13-51437.

London Division

Kendal L. Brock and Chassidy Brock, Hyden. 13-60725.

Jason Howard Golden, Corbin. 13-60738.

Raymond Lee Wyan and Tennessee Wyan, 1789 Laurel River Rd. 13-60744.

David Newcomb and Mary Newcomb, Livingston. 13-60747.

Glen Edward Bolton and Debra Lynn Bolton, Cawood. 13-60748.

Pikeville Division

Melissa Ann Hall, Hindman. 13-70326.

Danny Raleigh, Kite. 13-70327.

Emery Keith Varney, Canada. 13-70328.

Ronald B. Meade, Prestonsburg. 13-70330.

Katina D. Benton, Whitesburg. 13-70334.

George Kidd and Marsha Kidd, Royalton. 13-70335.

Ricky Allen Goble and Judy Ann Goble, Sitka. 13-70344.

Hargis G. Hurt and Patricia A. Hurt, Prestonsburg. 13-70345.

Richard E. Castle Jr. and Denise Jo Castle, Paintsville. 13-70346.

Harold Brown Jr. and Jennifer A. Brown, Prestonsburg. 13-70347.

Pamela Lucas, Prestonsburg. 13-70350.

Compiled by Dorothea Wingo