Definitions — Chapter 7: Court-appointed trustee sells assets, and debtor is discharged of debts. Chapter 11: Company or individual reorganizes under court supervision. Chapter 12: Farmer reorganizes debts under court supervision. Chapter 13: Debtor arranges to repay debt. More information about Eastern Division bankruptcies is at Click the electronic case file icon; follow instructions to set up a PACER account.

Chapter 7

Ashland Division

Vickie Rebecca Edington, Garrison. 13-10229.

Andrea Kay Woodring, Worthington. 13-10230.

George T. Hammons and Brenda M. Hammons, Grayson. 13-10231.

Linda K. Dieterich, 1012 Stella Drive, No. 11B. 13-10234.

Missy Felty, Catlettsburg. 13-10235.

Donna S. Fkih, Louisa. 13-10236.

James Scott Savage, Grayson. 13-10238.

Gregory Smith and Charlene Smith, 2422 Blackburn Avenue. 13-10239.

Gene Allen Pack Jr. and Merida Mitchell Pack, Catlettsburg. 13-10240.

Braden K. Frieder, Clearfield. 13-10241.

Frankfort Division

Clara Lucinda Holbrook, Bagdad. 13-30320.

Karen L. Webber, 144 Cypress Dr. 13-30321.

David C. Neison, Shelbyville. 13-30322.

George William Tanksley and Dorothy Jean Tanksley, Owenton. 13-30323.

Walter E. Carr and Karen E. Carr, Worthville. 13-30324.

Belinda Renee Rogers, 279 Highland Parkway. 13-30325.

Raymond G. Lott, Shelbyville. 13-30326.

Kathleen M. Hymer and Paul E. Hymer, Shelbyville. 13-30333.

Lori Lynn Hogan, 326 Magnolia Avenue. 13-30334.

Kevin J. Miller and Robin L. Miller, Owenton. 13-30335.

Robert A. Sharp, Shelbyville. 13-30337.

Brandon D. Travillian, Lawrenceburg. 13-30339.

Earnest Darren Mefford, Carrollton. 13-30343.

Tara A. Aziz, 119 Hope Drive. 13-30344.

Amy Jo Waddell, Lawrenceburg. 13-30347.

Lexington Division

Michael Humphrey and Misty Humphrey, Stanford. 13-51449.

Yvonna Davis, Winchester. 13-51450.

Christopher Roosevelt Friend, Irvine. 13-51451.

Aaron P. Abner, Nicholasville. 13-51452.

Sharon K. Burberry, Paris. 13-51453.

Jonathan W. Berryman, Nicholasville. 13-51456.

Terry Lee Carpenter, Nicholasville. 13-51459.

Bessie F. Rhinehimer, Nicholasville. 13-51460.

Scott Morley and Jessica Morley, Mount Sterling. 13-51461.

Shannon Centers, Versailles. 13-51462.

Bryan D. Richardson, Winchester. 13-51463.

Timothy Jerome Roach and Angeline Dottie Roach, Danville. 13-51464.

Charles Joseph Barnard Jr. and Diana Lynn Barnard, Richmond. 13-51465.

Joyce Mullins, 1512 Richard Court. 13-51467.

Mason Turner, Paris. 13-51469.

Stephen Douglas, 3800 Nicholasville Road,#No. 613. 13-51470.

Jean K. Hays, Danville. 13-51472.

Jacob Ryan Clark, 449 Becky Place. 13-51473.

Diane S. Hall, Flemingsburg. 13-51477.

Susan J. Minnick, 3572 Galahad Drive. 13-51478.

Ronald Stephen White Jr. and Carol Lynne White, Clay City. 13-51479.

Delia A. Dickerson, Mount Sterling. 13-51480.

Marcie D. Fisher, 165 Wittland Lane. 13-51482.

Dale B. Hixson, Danville. 13-51483.

Lesley Douglas Agee, Richmond. 13-51484.

Jackie Lynn Lamb and Linda Gail Lamb, Waco. 13-51485.

Darrin Russell Hill and Albertina Gayle Hill, Georgetown. 13-51486.

Robert Kollmansberger, Georgetown. 13-51487.

Rozell D. Dansby and Faith M. Dansby, 598 Lima Dr. 13-51488.

Stephanie Denise Preston, Versailles. 13-51489.

Bret Scott Whipple, 3037 Maddie Lane. 13-51491.

Christian P. Moody and Randi L. Moody, Danville. 13-51492.

Myra E. Young, Winchester. 13-51493.

Christopher A. Clift and Tonya L. Clift,Nicholasville. 13-51494.

Robin Haggard, Nicholasville. 13-51495.

William Norman Keefe and Debra Ann Keefe, 2229 Preakness Court. 13-51497.

Charles J. Minars Jr. and Maity Minars, Versailles. 13-51499.

Ola Creech, Beattyville. 13-51501.

Sharon Kay Fugate, Hardshell. 13-51502.

Hubert Demarse, Stanford. 13-51503.

Bradley E. Kreager and Rebecca Kreager, 2621 Crystal Falls Road. 13-51504.

David Rivera and Levetta Rivera, 3901 English Oak Circle. 13-51505.

David Allen Tungate and Virginia Kay Tungate, 2828 Greenway Court. 13-51507.

Mitchell W. Hensley, Richmond. 13-51508.

Scott A. Wessling, Harrodsburg. 13-51509.

Everett Burton, Wallingford. 13-51511.

Travis Wayne Evans, Versailles. 13-51512.

James L. Drury and Linda Christine Drury, Versailles. 13-51513.

Misty D. Smallwood, Means. 13-51514.

James Robert Lainhart, Nicholasville. 13-51515.

Irene Feltner, 4619 Monterey Court. 13-51517.

Robert M. Powers and Donna J. Gautier-Powers, Harrodsburg. 13-51519.

Robert Claude Fields and Megan Ann Fields, Versailles. 13-51521.

Tony R. Justice and Jennifer L. Justice, Stanton. 13-51522.

Robert Alan Slone and Mary Ellen Slone, 2009 Bahama Road. 13-51525.

Rebecca J. Burgess, Winchester. 13-51526.

Cheryl Ann Carlton, Irvine. 13-51531.

John T. Ethington and Charlet J. Ethington, Versailles. 13-51532.

Larry L. Carroll, Mt. Sterling. 13-51533.

Michelle Renea Howard, Owingsville. 13-51535.

Karla Ann Williams, Waynesburg. 13-51536.

Bruce D. Scott and Eula M. Scott, Winchester. 13-51537.

Jerry Ray Sinkhorn Sr. and Catherine Rita Sinkhorn, Junction City. 13-51538.

Dustin L. Toy and Ashleigh R. Toy, Winchester. 13-51539.

Joshua Randale Foister and Jessica Baker Foister, Harrodsburg. 13-51540.

William B. Combs, 4619 Monterey Court. 13-51541.

Victoria Young Ransdell, Danville. 13-51542.

Betty Hurley Thompson, 972 Jouett Creek Drive. 13-51546.

Keith Daugherty, 3414 Snaffle Road. 13-51547.

Kevin M. Kidder and Angela L. Kidder, Winchester. 13-51549.

Larry L. Ten Eyck, Nicholasville. 13-51550.

David E. Dickerson and Janeth Sue Dickerson, Nicholasville. 13-51554.

Tim Williams and Cheryl Williams, Paris. 13-51555.

Brian Douglas Wood, 3231 Mammoth Drive. 13-51556.

Danny Ray Nester Jr. and Linda Sue Nester, Mount Sterling. 13-51557.

Ronnie Darrell Heizer, Jeffersonville. 13-51558.

Virginia Louise Therrien, Pompano Beach. 13-51559.

Cassandra Marie Bunton, 1117 Boxwood Drive. 13-51560.

Lee T. Hayes, Nicholasville. 13-51562.

Peter Aaron McDowell and April Jean McDowell, Berea. 13-51563.

Robert Bernard Schmutte and Regina Micale Schmutte, 851 Charwood Drive. 13-51565.

Donald E. Woodrum and Mary Louise Woodrum, 637 Northside Drive. 13-51566.

Jason M. Greenlee and Lora C. Greenlee, Paris. 13-51567.

Robbie Dwayne Blevins, Crab Orchard. 13-51568.

Joshua Durham and Rachel Durham, Winchester. 13-51569.

Pamela R Dobbins, 150 Northland Drive, No. 71. 13-51570.

David Snellen Jr., 857 Malabu Drive, No. 6001. 13-51571.

Jeremy Wayne Mann, 421 Redding Road, No. 6. 13-51572.

Arnold Klein and Sue E. Klein, 1045 Albert Lane. 13-51573.

Anjan Bhattacharyya, 214 Medlock Road. 13-51577.

Jody Payne Hays, 219 South Limestone. 13-51579.

Angelia G. Harrison, Parksville. 13-51580.

Melissa B. Sloan, Midway. 13-51582.

Perfection Components LLC, Nicholasville. 13-51583.

Adam G. Carrier, Lancaster. 13-51584.

Sandra Jean O'Connor, Wilmore. 13-51585.

Charlene Kay Kennon, Clay City. 13-51586.

Juanita M. Denny, Crab Orchard. 13-51587.

Michael P. Mullen, 3751 Appian Way, No. 130. 13-51588.

Donavon C. Wilson and Tiffany Wilson, Winchester. 13-51589.

Daniel Scott Ginn and Guadalupe Ginn, Flemingsburg. 13-51590.

Mace Happy Goday, 1919 Dunkirk Drive. 13-51597.

Joy Harris, Lancaster. 13-51598.

Paul C. Johnson and Casey S. Johnson, 425 Woodview Drive. 13-51599.

Ralph T. Carr and Michelle D. Carr, 1093 Pennebaker Drive. 13-51601.

Andrea Nicole Rogers, Crab Orchard. 13-51602.

Michael W. Moore and Melisa A. Moore, Harrodsburg. 13-51603.

Kimberly Honaker, Kings Mountain. 13-51604.

Sherri E. Varney, Nicholasville. 13-51605.

Mitchell R. Lilly, 3301 Smoky Mountain Drive. 13-51606.

Charles Dean Davis, 493 Manitoba Lane. 13-51607.

Bredgett M. Corman, Georgetown. 13-51608.

James Kyle Franz, Richmond. 13-51609.

Lorena Jo Morehead, 1796 Raleigh Road. 13-51611.

Sheila Kay Patterson, Richmond. 13-51612.

Quintin Antoine Henry and Patricia Maria Henry, 269 Bradford Drive. 13-51614.

Chapter 11

Frankfort Division

Gilbert Holdings LLC, P.O. Box 4052. 13-30345.

Gilbert Contracting LLC, P.O. Box 4052. 13-30346.

Chapter 13

Ashland Division

Mack D. Church and Geraldine Church, Catlettsburg. 13-10232.

Eric A. Phelps, Flatwoods. 13-10233.

Keith E. Evans II, Greenup. 13-10237.

Frankfort Division

Victor E. Parr and Debra K. Parr, Corinth. 13-30327.

Nancy M. Quarles, 4920 Louisville Road. 13-30328.

James R. Cunningham and Lynda C. Cunningham, 1739 Devils Hollow Road. 13-30329.

Richard C. Spears Jr. and Melissa A. Spears, Shelbyville. 13-30330.

Janet Kay Ratliff, 3334 Sulphurlick Road. 13-30331.

Donald E. Apgar Jr. and Lynn C. Apgar, Louisville. 13-30332.

Floyd Boler and Jane D. Boler, 513 Commanche Trail. 13-30336.

Jacqueline Diane Lawson, New Liberty. 13-30338.

Christopher B. Bohannon, Shelbyville. 13-30340.

Rennel D. Pastrano and Imelda D. Pastrano, 423 Goebel Drive. 13-30341.

Wendy Campbell, Lawrenceburg. 13-30342.

Compiled by Dorothea Wingo