Definitions — Chapter 7: Court-appointed trustee sells assets, and debtor is discharged of debts. Chapter 11: Company or individual reorganizes under court supervision. Chapter 12: Farmer reorganizes debts under court supervision. Chapter 13: Debtor arranges to repay debt. More information about Eastern Division bankruptcies is at Click the electronic case file icon; follow instructions to set up a PACER account.

Chapter 7

London Division

Scott P. McDonald, Somerset. 13-60816.

Jimmie Dale Nelson, Nancy. 13-60817.

Jerry M. Bryant, Pine Knot. 13-60818.

Billy Randall Lewis, Monticello. 13-60819.

Bart Lynn Goins, Lynch. 13-60820.

Patrick Joseph Eldridge and Monica Mae Eldridge, Middlesboro. 13-60821.

Dorisetta Bernice Caldwell, Pineville. 13-60822.

David Elias Flores and Lesley Diane Flores, 7364 Keavy Road. 13-60823.

Anthony Wayne Jones and Marsha Regina Jones, Williamsburg. 13-60824.

Pikeville Division

Danny Daniels, Paintsville. 13-70354.

Jamie A. Short, Hagerhill. 13-70355.

Joshua Shirden Robinson and Tara Sharee Robinson, Dorton. 13-70356.

Anna M. Blanton, Salyersville. 13-70357.

Lisa L. Howell, Betsy Layne. 13-70359.

Dirk Baker and Melissa Baker, Dema. 13-70364.

Cheryl Riley, Prestonsburg. 13-70365.

Dewana Kaye Caudill, Mallie. 13-70366.

Billy R. Childers and Donette Childers, Raccoon. 13-70369.

Douglas Bailey, Cornettsville. 13-70371.

Mary Rosetta White, Inez. 13-70372.

Denver Ray Polly and Susan Rachell Polly, Neon. 13-70373.

Jennifer Lynn Jackson, Staffordsville. 13-70377.

Vince Adkins and Chasity R. Adkins, Raccoon. 13-70380.

Gregory Mavis, Shelbiana. 13-70384.

Terry D. Burchett, Ivel. 13-70385.

Glenwood Slone and Susan K. Adams, Jenkins. 13-70386.

Jamie L. Adams and Julie A. Adams, Fisty. 13-70387.

Steven R. Quillen and Jennifer R. Quillen, Deane. 13-70388.

Chapter 11

London Division

Cumberland Valley Engineering Inc., Harlan. 13-60798.

Chapter 13

Lexington Division

Melissa Jane Trent, Winchester. 13-51454.

Michael L. Selby and Carrie A. Selby, Danville. 13-51455.

Ronald L. Sawyer and Trina J. Sawyer, Perryville. 13-51457.

Charity Christina Ellis, Nicholasville. 13-51458.

Chad Everett Goolman and JoAnna Marie Goolman, Richmond. 13-51466.

Gary Dwayne Henderson, Mount Sterling. 13-51468.

Burnetta Louise Thurman, Danville. 13-51471.

Emanuel Allen Wilson and Heather Marie Wilson, Winchester. 13-51474.

Scotte Brown, Jackson. 13-51475.

Benjamin Thomas Rose, Irvine. 13-51476.

Seth L. Truitt and Misty Ann Truitt, Georgetown. 13-51481.

Johnetta Pinkston, 431 Rogers Road, Unit D6. 13-51490.

Leo Begley, 3233 Clays Mill Road. 13-51496.

Donald Glenn Parks, Campton. 13-51498.

Ronald Earl Holliday Jr., Jackson. 13-51500.

Danny R. Maynard and Deborah Maynard, Berea. 13-51506.

Steven K. Hampson and Susan J. Hampson, 1134 Fontaine Road. 13-51510.

Margaret LaSha Alexander, 104 Red Cedar Court. 13-51516.

Renee Lorene Gibson, 2554 Crusaders Way. 13-51518.

Billie Jo Holland, Jackson. 13-51520.

Amy Vest, 710 Eureka Springs. 13-51523.

Jason Masters, Nicholasville. 13-51524.

Isaac R. Bowman and Regina D. Bowman, Nicholasville. 13-51527.

Virginia K. Smithers, 501 Shelby Street. 13-51528.

Jerry L. Townsend, Winchester. 13-51530.

Janet L. Reynolds, 683 Woodward Lane. 13-51534.

Billy Gordon Hasty and Amanda Jean Hasty, Richmond. 13-51543.

Lisa Michelle Christenbury, Nicholasville. 13-51544.

John Kelly Meeks and Lisa Gaye Meeks, Richmond. 13-51545.

Raul S. Garcia, 3805 Berry Ridge Circle. 13-51548.

Donald James Moore, Jackson. 13-51551.

Forest E. Patton Jr., Richmond. 13-51552.

Bobby Gene Patton and Brenda Sue Patton, 1019 Pinebloom Drive. 13-51553.

William Michael Joseph, 2989 Prichard Drive. 13-51561.

James M. Baker Jr. and Andrea R. Baker, 3305 Pueblo Court. 13-51564.

Sheila Devine, 3300 Montavesta Road, No. 6104. 13-51574.

Jason Todd Coulter and Heather Iona Coulter, Stanford. 13-51575.

Ronald A. McDaniel and Phyllis McDaniel, 540 Southridge Drive. 13-51576.

Kevin N. Hume and Anna M. Hume, Nicholasville. 13-51578.

Sarah K. Durham, Stanford. 13-51581.

Mitchell Lee Gilbert and Janet Gail Gilbert, Berea. 13-51591.

Kevin Glenn Cornett and Lisa Kay Cornett, Crab Orchard. 13-51592.

Charles Wayne Donahue and Rebecca Donahue, Irvine. 13-51593.

Jeremy Elden Hughes and Lela Ann Hughes, Carlisle. 13-51594.

John Wayne Adams, Altro. 13-51595.

Sean A. Pennington and Tinekia D. Pennington, Georgetown. 13-51596.

Larry McKinney and Frances McKinney, Danville. 13-51600.

Jason Anthony Roberts and Melissa Gail Roberts, Jackson. 13-51610.

Nancy V. Allen, 4505 Aligan Way. 13-51613.

Alan L. Burnette, 408 Kingswood Drive. 13-51615.

London Division

Freddy Wayne Brock and Patricia Lynn Brock, East Bernstadt. 13-60754.

Eric Dickie Holbrooks and Laura Lynn Holbrooks, Hazard. 13-60760.

Loretta C. Holbrook, Cornettsville. 13-60761.

Karlene Jackson, Loyall. 13-60764.

Thomas Henry Davis and Brenda Lee Davis, Lynch. 13-60766.

Johnny Dale Wilder and Patricia Ann Wilder, Viper. 13-60774.

Kathy Shepherd, Yeaddiss. 13-60776.

Richard W. Epperson and Edith Epperson, Corbin. 13-60778.

Timothy Lee Bailey and Brandi Renee Bailey, Totz. 13-60782.

Rick Lewis Evans and Jan Elizabeth Evans, Middlesboro. 13-60789.

Annlee Mitchell, Yeaddiss. 13-60792.

Mary Lee Likins, P.O. Box 3104. 13-60793.

Joseph Anthony Sizemore, 409 Clearview Court. 13-60802.

Wanda Y. Rountree, Williamsburg. 13-60804.

Jimmy Darrell Collett, Pineville. 13-60807.

Vernon Begley, Combs. 13-60809.

Patricia Ann Alford, Artemus. 13-60810.

John Ernest Hudson and Brenda Kay Hudson, Burnside. 13-60811.

Donnie Ray Pittman and Norma Jean Pittman, Totz. 13-60813.

Pikeville Division

John H. Mullins and Michelle R. Mullins, Kite. 13-70353.

Jeffery A. Maynard, Inez. 13-70358.

Eric Brent Hunter and Colista Michelle Hunter, Van Lear. 13-70360.

James Slone and Joann Slone, Pine Top. 13-70361.

James Reynolds, Littcarr. 13-70362.

Ricky Allen Fields and Minnie Louise Fields, Mallie. 13-70363.

Donnie Thacker and Ashley Thacker, Shelbiana. 13-70367.

Janet Combs, Blackey. 13-70368.

John S. Blackburn, McDowell. 13-70370.

Mark Samons, Martin. 13-70374.

Justin Kyle Duty, Burdine. 13-70375.

Keith Randall Parsons and Robin Deann Parsons, Banner. 13-70376.

Vanessa A. Adkins, Martin. 13-70378.

Jeremy Tackett and Tara Tackett, Wheelwright. 13-70379.

Timothy Lee Shelby, Jenkins. 13-70381.

Joseph R. Dingus Jr., Neon. 13-70382.

Denny C. Fleming, Jackhorn. 13-70383.

Michael B. Sexton and Elsie K. Sexton, Whitesburg. 13-70389.

Kristopher D. Hall and Brandi Hall, Prestonsburg. 13-70390.

Compiled by Dorothea Wingo