Definitions — Chapter 7: Court-appointed trustee sells assets, and debtor is discharged of debts. Chapter 11: Company or individual reorganizes under court supervision. Chapter 12: Farmer reorganizes debts under court supervision. Chapter 13: Debtor arranges to repay debt. More information about Eastern Division bankruptcies is at Click the electronic case file icon; follow instructions to set up a PACER account.

Chapter 7

Ashland Division

David Matthew Gilliam and Deborah Sue Gilliam, Olive Hill. 13-10242.

Brian Neil Glover and Olivia Gail Glover, Morehead. 13-10243.

James Benjamin Hamric and Rebecca J. Hamric, Sandy Hook. 13-10244.

Katie Barker, Flatwoods. 13-10245.

Kevin Andrew Bowling, 1682 Greentree Court. 13-10247.

Mark Coovert and Christy Coovert, 2737 Peacock Road. 13-10248.

James M. Hanson III, Morehead. 13-10249.

James Keeton and Katherine Louise Keeton, West Liberty. 13-10250.

Frankfort Division

Issac Ricardo Yett, 1102 Collins Lane. 13-30348.

Steven Scott True, Lawrenceburg. 13-30350.

Donald Guy, Corinth. 13-30351.

Janet Lee McGuire, Lawrenceburg. 13-30352.

Arnold Riddle II and Rhonda E. Riddle, 1658 Devils Hollow Road. 13-30353.

Wanda Jean Jones, 97 Aspen Avenue. 13-30354.

Donna Cheak, Shelbyville. 13-30355.

Angela Moore, Owenton. 13-30358.

Stephen E. Gullette, 154 Hickory Drive. 13-30359.

Eric H. Ballard and Melissa A. Ballard, Lawrenceburg. 13-30362.

Douglas J. Ruehrwein Sr., Lawrenceburg. 13-30363.

Charles Allen Koebel Sr. and Mary Rose Koebel, Lawrenceburg. 13-30364.

Keith A. McGaughey and Sandra R. McGaughey, 1008 Navajo Trail. 13-30367.

Lexington Division

Ronald Ray Goodwin and Patricia Ann Myers, Flemingsburg. 13-51616.

Tyvonna R. Gatewood, 2845 Palumbo Drive, No. 7A. 13-51617.

Thomas C. Fullington and Polly T. Fullington, 2125 Georgian Way. 13-51619.

Christopher L. Chambers and Lindsey M. Chambers, Campton. 13-51620.

James T. Smith, Stanton. 13-51621.

Patricia Pritchard, Clay City. 13-51622.

Mary Marie Brown, Richmond. 13-51623.

Jacob Michael Johnson and Kathryn Elizabeth Johson, Richmond. 13-51624.

Bryon Jefferson Mitchell and Sarah Irene Mitchell, Flemingsburg. 13-51625.

Amber Lynn Cole and Christopher James Cole, Stanford. 13-51626.

Timothy Dean Lewis and Misty Dawn Lewis, Winchester. 13-51627.

Linda Mae Kinley, Danville. 13-51629.

Nolen C. Miller, 1969 Glenbrook Court. 13-51630.

Paul Perkins, 165 Dona Brook Court, No. 3A. 13-51631.

James Franklin Farmer and Cheri Leigh Farmer, Winchester. 13-51632.

Travis Michael Fisher, 401 Patchen Drive, No. 6. 13-51633.

Sherry L. Hasty, Richmond. 13-51635.

Danny Lynn Buckingham and Martha Kyle Buckingham, Winchester. 13-51636.

Ricky D. Haddix, Winchester. 13-51637.

Lisa Sue Calton, 148 Ashton Drive. 13-51638.

Martin Scott Bates, Owingsville. 13-51639.

Rickie Darrell Faudere and Patricia Ann Faudere, Owingsville. 13-51640.

Robert Clay Scott and Shannon Marie Scott, 1701 Brook Park Drive. 13-51641.

Douglas Richard Thar Jr., Nicholasville. 13-51643.

Tandy F. Nash, Grayson. 13-51644.

Athlene Davis, Jeffersonvillle. 13-51645.

Stella Jones, 1440 Mount Ranier. 13-51646.

Billie R. Martin Jr. and Nicole Martin, Owingsville. 13-51647.

Martha R. Himes, 1621 Liberty Road. 13-51648.

Stephen Mark Stone, Keene. 13-51649.

Matthew T. McKinney, Wallingford. 13-51650.

Luther Scott Luster and Regina Carol Luster, Irvine. 13-51654.

Mary Ann Aylward, Georgetown. 13-51655.

Jack E. Owens and Kathy Owens, Waynesburg. 13-51656.

Rochelle Sieara Caywood, 3603 Atlante Brook Court. 13-51657.

Tommy Jason New, 969 Meadow Lane. 13-51658.

William K. Blair and Stacy Nicole Blair, Irvine. 13-51659.

Ronald L. Pike and Micha D. Pike, Winchester. 13-51660.

Tina Marie Tinnin, Richmond. 13-51661.

Cassandra A. Means, Stanton. 13-51662.

Deborah Barker, 4030 Tates Creek Road, No. 3922. 13-51663.

Katherine S. Gooding, Mt. Sterling. 13-51664.

Keith Dennis, Waco. 13-51665.

Jennifer Megan Rice, 4161 Victoria Way, No. 19302. 13-51668.

Kenneth L. Hisel and Linda S. Hisel, Nicholasville. 13-51669.

Ernest G. Clark Jr. and Lisa M. Clark, Stanton. 13-51670.

Starler Rychelle Fish, Richmond. 13-51671.

Gail Marie Maxam, Winchester. 13-51672.

Henry William Brough and Carolyn Brough, Campton. 13-51673.

Lisa Loudermilk, Winchester. 13-51674.

James A. Roberts Jr., Paris. 13-51676.

Verneda June St. John, Irvine. 13-51677.

Marla E. Hutchinson, 1647 Strader Drive. 13-51678.

Mark A. Call, Cynthiana. 13-51680.

Carey McNeil, 3692 Polo Club Boulevard. 13-51681.

Darren Lee Skinner, Richmond. 13-51682.

Teresa Darlene Hoover, Richmond. 13-51684.

Alexander Hamilton II, Wallingford. 13-51685.

Sheila H. Thom, Nicholasville. 13-51688.

Billy C. Thomas and Cathline M. Thomas, Campton. 13-51690.

Susan L. Poschke, Jeffersonville. 13-51691.

London Division

Bobbie McCowan, McKee. 13-60825.

Bobby L. Wilder and Arlena Wilder, Calvin. 13-60826.

Elizabeth J. Brown, McKee. 13-60827.

Sharon Darlene Deaton, 110 Pine Street. 13-60829.

Christopher Eldon Mullins, McKee. 13-60830.

Andrea Daniell Salva, Brodhead. 13-60831.

Mary Christine Chasteen, Mount Vernon. 13-60832.

Darrell James Bunch Sr. and Renee Michelle Bunch, Monticello. 13-60834.

Ricky Lee Decker and Ruth Elizabeth Decker, Gray. 13-60835.

Mary Francis Patrick, Williamsburg. 13-60836.

Timothy Lee Pilkin Jr., Yeaddiss. 13-60837.

Paul Wayne Miller and Sharla Melissa Miller, Viper. 13-60838.

Thomas Andrew Stephens, Somerset. 13-60841.

David A. Moore and Maria Lyn Moore, Pittsburg. 13-60842.

Jeffrey Lynn Coots and Myrtle Joyce Coots, Viper. 13-60844.

Christopher Scott Holcomb and Jessica Lee Holcomb, Hazard. 13-60845.

Detherage Coal Sales LLC, 600 Conley Road. 13-60846.

Harvey Winston Creech and Doris Jean Creech, Corbin. 13-60847.

James Andrew Collins and Thelma Marie Collins, Corbin. 13-60849.

Shelley Rose Moore, 111 Cox Lane. 13-60850.

Cheryl Vito, Somerset. 13-60851.

Joshua Matthew McCoy, Somerset. 13-60852.

Leamon Lee Daniel and Dianna Roxie Daniel, Pineville. 13-60853.

John Benjamin Ewing and Lucy Marie Ewing, Flat Lick. 13-60854.

Joshua R. Harness, Middlesboro. 13-60855.

Vickie Lynn Kerby, Manchester. 13-60856.

Misty Ann Sizemore, Hyden. 13-60857.

Matthew Smith, Corbin. 13-60858.

Velvet Arlene Myers, 106 Arlington Green, No. 3. 13-60859.

Melanie Rose Draper, Williamsburg. 13-60860.

Tracy Nicole Evans, 5970 Slate Lick Road. 13-60861.

Tisha R. Britton, Annville. 13-60862.

Robert Michael Parker, Middlesboro. 13-60863.

Linda Sue Floyd, 1567 Court Road. 13-60864.

Lindsay Brooke Floyd, 1567 Court Road. 13-60865.

Samuel Steven Wade Jody, Lily. 13-60866.

C. P. Smith and Nina Smith, Manchester. 13-60867.

Lisa Ann Siler, Williamsburg. 13-60868.

John Jeffery Burnette and Amy Joyce Burnette, Williamsburg. 13-60869.

Donnie Ray Smith and Regina Sue Smith, Bimble. 13-60870.

Glenn Edward Lawson, Barbourville. 13-60871.

Pikeville Division

Linda Smith, Van Lear. 13-70391.

James L. Powers and Rhonda G. Powers, Salyersville. 13-70392.

Amy L. Barnett, Salyersville. 13-70394.

Herbert J. Stalker Jr. and Crystal M. Stalker, Belcher. 13-70395.

Ronald D. Hall, Mc Roberts. 13-70396.

Janice S. Rogers, Virgie. 13-70397.

Clarance M. Chaney Jr., Kimper. 13-70398.

Mabel Kinney, Harold. 13-70399.

Joshua S. Fleming and Rebecca L. Fleming, Jenkins. 13-70400.

Johnny Ray Williams Sr., Jenkins. 13-70401.

Glenda F. Stewart, Letcher. 13-70402.

James M. Fouts Sr., Jenkins. 13-70403.

Thomas E. Kinney and Gracie M. Kinney, Salyersville. 13-70404.

Palmer Dow Short Jr., Garner. 13-70407.

Daymon Matthew Everage, Emmalena. 13-70409.

Terry Lee Combs and Rhoda Combs, Carrie. 13-70411.

Carl G. Downey Jr. and Hope Elizabeth Downey, Eolia. 13-70413.

Jerry W. Pigg, Raccoon. 13-70414.

Tonya Diana Hall, David. 13-70415.

Benton Christopher Deaton, Paintsville. 13-70417.

Chapter 11

London Division

Twin Star Coal Company Inc., Cranks. 13-60833.

Chapter 13

Ashland Division

Mark S. Wilson and Amy Sue Wilson, Greenup. 13-10246.

Frankfort Division

Garold F. Fish and Tiffany L. Truax-Fish, Pleasureville. 13-30349.

Sonia M. Robins, Shelbyville. 13-30356.

Michael S. Howard and Brenda M. Howard, 2150 Sullivan Lane. 13-30357.

Thomas C. Downey and Melinda A. Downey, Campbellsburg. 13-30360.

Denise Thomas, Bedford. 13-30361.

Crystal Dawn Richards and Bruce Shane Richards, Carrollton. 13-30365.

Calleen T. Yett, 211 Missouri Avenue. 13-30366.

Lexington Division

Tony E. Martin Jr. and Karen K. Martin, 2013 Summerhayes Court. 13-51618.

Roger Gale Roy and Billie Jean Roy, Richmond. 13-51628.

Joshua W. Hunt and Ronda S. Hunt, Carlisle. 13-51634.

Patrick W. Anderson, Flemingburg. 13-51642.

Jerry D. Keith and Tina M. Keith, Georgetown. 13-51651.

Vernell S. Devine, Georgetown. 13-51652.

Theresa Lynn Herald, Jackson. 13-51653.

Timothy D. Hafley, Nicholasville. 13-51666.

Darryl E. Bright Sr., 1571 Montrose Drive. 13-51667.

Thomas James Conners III and Lindsey Michelle Conners, Lancaster. 13-51675.

Terry D. Roland and Lisa A. Roland, Mount Sterling. 13-51679.

Kevin Joshua Knuckles, Lancaster. 13-51683.

Michael T. Hopkins and Janice M. Hopkins, 305 Long Branch Lane. 13-51686.

Steven P. Shaver, 4390 Clearwater Way, No. 2805. 13-51687.

Beverly J. Little, Paris. 13-51689.

London Division

Timothy Lee Vaughn and Ilene Michelle Vaughn, Barbourville. 13-60828.

Joyce Ann Hensley, Smilax. 13-60839.

Clifford Jones and Jennifer Gordyn Jones, Hazard. 13-60840.

Johnny Lee Halcomb and Ashley Nicole Halcomb, Cornettsville. 13-60843.

Tony Wendal Russell, Manchester. 13-60848.

Pikeville Division

Brandon Clark, Keaton. 13-70393.

Joey Miller and Jessica Miller, Flat Gap. 13-70405.

Corbett Brown Feltner and Jeanne Lou Feltner, Hazard. 13-70406.

Kyra Michelle Adams, Whitesburg. 13-70408.

Jerry Smith, Hazard. 13-70410.

Scottie Hall and Edna B. Hall, Mallie. 13-70412.

Michael Timothy Eads and Diana Eads, Mc-Dowell. 13-70416.

Compiled by Dorothea Wingo