Definitions — Chapter 7: Court-appointed trustee sells assets, and debtor is discharged of debts. Chapter 11: Company or individual reorganizes under court supervision. Chapter 12: Farmer reorganizes debts under court supervision. Chapter 13: Debtor arranges to repay debt. More information about Eastern Division bankruptcies is at Click the electronic case file icon; follow instructions to set up a PACER account.

Chapter 7

Ashland Division

Donald Ray West, Louisa. 13-10252.

Christopher Cheyenne Howard and Amanda Jo Howard, 357 Harrison Street. 13-10253.

Brenda K. Littleton, Morehead. 13-10254.

Michael Ray Littleton, Morehead. 13-10255.

Martha Ann Smith, Morehead. 13-10256.

Shawn Conrad Judd and Tonya Michelle Bond-Judd, Olive Hill. 13-10257.

Eva Gay Nicely, Raceland. 13-10258.

William Ray Tussey, 3424 Central Avenue. 13-10260.

Tara Leigh Duty, Flatwoods. 13-10262.

Hargis Bates and Glendine Bates, West Liberty. 13-10263.

Brian S. Hedge, Olive Hill. 13-10264.

Kristan A. Dehart, West Liberty. 13-10265.

Jesse Liming, Blaine. 13-10267.

Joy Edison Johnson, Olive Hill. 13-10269.

Lori A. Knipp, Grayson. 13-10272.

Danny Wayne McCalvin, Russell. 13-10273.

June Davenport, Flatwoods. 13-10274.

Eddie Dean Carnley and Claudette Carnley, Argillite. 13-10275.

Frances L. Bates, Flatwoods. 13-10276.

Lee Ann Conley, 2448 Adams Street. 13-10277.

Gregory D. Payton and Rebecca L. Payton, 4505 Music Branch. 13-10278.

Debra Ann Meade, Greenup. 13-10279.

William Evert Elam and Helen Kay Elam, Vanceburg. 13-10280.

Jeremy Watson, Morehead. 13-10281.

Frankfort Division

Christopher Joseph Ballis, Sanders. 13-30368.

Trisha Ann Boaz, Carrollton. 13-30369.

Breeanna Nicole Boswell, Carrollton. 13-30370.

Misty Zemla and Albert Hans Zemla, 108 Charleston Court. 13-30371.

Gary Todd Smith and Amy Michelle Smith, 825 Isaac Shelby Circle. 13-30372.

Kenneth Daniel Stratton, Lawrenceburg. 13-30373.

Darryl Wayne Rollins and Candy Burke Rollins, Lawrenceburg. 13-30374.

David C. Neison, Shelbyville. 13-30375.

Edward D. Paton and Laura F. Paton, Owenton. 13-30376.

Tonya G. Smith, 210 Lyons Drive. 13-30378.

Joseph Troy Hearn, 312 White Cliffs Lane. 13-30379.

Rosie M. Dixon, New Castle. 13-30380.

Lisa A. Leake, Shelbyville. 13-30381.

Steven Walter Howard and Camille J. Howard, Bedford. 13-30382.

Judy Carol McDowell, Lawrenceburg. 13-30385.

Jeremy Douglas Wilson, 300 Village Drive. 13-30387.

Ashley Elaine Henson, Pleasureville. 13-30388.

David Randall Fitzgerald and Sonya Lee Fitzgerald, Owenton. 13-30389.

Connie M. Taulbee, 1649 Highview Circle. 13-30391.

Ernesto Ramos Milan and Providencia E. Rodriguez Acosta, Simpsonville. 13-30392.

Brian Wolford Barnes and Cheryl Elaine Barnes, Corinth. 13-30394.

Austin B. Hemze, 2900 Cardwell Lane. 13-30397.

Sonya R. Gallegos, 505 West Broadway. 13-30398.

Lexington Division

Joan B. Moore, Mount Sterling. 13-51693.

Jeremy Darrel Niece and Sheila Kay Niece, Irvine. 13-51695.

Adelene M. Brumback, Georgetown. 13-51696.

Terry Lynn Leffel, 300 Madison Place, Unit B. 13-51697.

Vanessa Baldwin, 1589 Hillview Place, No. 3203. 13-51698.

Tonya M. Ratchford, 2525 Mackenzie Lane, No. 4. 13-51700.

Michelle League, Lancaster. 13-51701.

Richard Berg and Annie Berg, 470 Grayson Lake Drive. 13-51702.

Taresha G. Schenk-Johnson, Georgetown. 13-51703.

April Vache Taylor, 709 Bellaire Avenue. 13-51704.

Shannon V. Rodriguez, 3313 Wood Valley Court. 13-51705.

Attrue W Sparks Jr. and Annette M. Sparks, 202 Clyde Street. 13-51706.

Joel Laumas, Georgetown. 13-51707.

Patricia Lynn Sowards, 1646 Duntreath Drive. 13-51708.

Lennie Motley and Quintella Sheniek Motley, Nicholasville. 13-51709.

Camilla Ann Wunder, 608 Ice Circle. 13-51710.

Tonia Marie Williams, 3574 Greenlawn Drive. 13-51711.

Lana Gaye Bruce, Cynthiana. 13-51712.

Michael Trafton Amburn and Patricia Annette Amburn, 914 Highland Park Drive. 13-51713.

Sarah Washburn Tate, Midway. 13-51714.

Mary S. Phillips, 3897 Pinecrest Way. 13-51716.

Samuel E. Hanson and Jennifer E. Hanson, Cynthiana. 13-51720.

Larry James Williams Jr. and Krista Evonne Williams, 4137 John Alden Lane. 13-51722.

Joel A. Rohrback, Nicholasville. 13-51724.

Roy Dean Ray, Richmond. 13-51725.

Melissa M. Covert, Nicholasville. 13-51726.

Melanie Tillery, Berea. 13-51727.

Cecil B. Boleyn, 2809 Snow Road, No. 3. 13-51728.

Carolyn May Bush and Kenneth Dale Bush, Campton. 13-51730.

James David Davidson, Jackson. 13-51731.

Mickie Lee Lamb, Paint Lick. 13-51732.

Nola Durham Coubert, Berea. 13-51733.

Jason Lee McPeek, Berea. 13-51734.

Derick Shane Fraley, Beattyville. 13-51735.

Michael Eugene Davis, Lancaster. 13-51736.

Jennifer L. Thorn, 3160 Tiburon Way. 13-51737.

Anne Margaret Holder, 209 Old Todds Road, No. 2102. 13-51738.

Jill E. Lively, Danville. 13-51739.

Lois J. Hill, 1597 Martha Court, No. 1A. 13-51740.

Ricky A. Harris and Wanda L. Harris, 620 Lisa Court. 13-51741.

Lynne M. Carmichael, 3376 Otter Creek Drive. 13-51742.

Billy Hamilton and Lisa Hamilton, Nicholasville. 13-51743.

Wanda I. Mendez, 3446 Tisdale Court. 13-51744.

Edward John Sawka III and Teresa Ann Sawka, Flemingsburg. 13-51745.

Gregory F. Warren, 1189 Oakwood Drive. 13-51746.

Shamica Ann Scott, Richmond. 13-51747.

Gary E. Heizer, Jeffersonville. 13-51748.

April L. Hale, Owingsville. 13-51749.

Randal W. Clem and Debra K. Clem, 712 Maple Avenue. 13-51750.

Christopher D. Layne and Wendy D. Layne, 2712 Timber Oaks Court. 13-51752.

Alvin Terrell and Geraldine T. Terrell, Paris. 13-51753.

Latosha L. Hall, 2111 Lansill Road, Unit L-113. 13-51755.

Brandon K. Conley and Susan Conley, Lancaster. 13-51757.

Ella Dorothy Mae Williams, Berea. 13-51758.

Wade Preston Miller, Berea. 13-51759.

Michael Lynn Emerson, Harrodsburg. 13-51761.

Robert C. Lalley, 402 Hollow Creek Road, No. 11. 13-51763.

David Winburn, Richmond. 13-51764.

Linda L. Wilson, Paris. 13-51765.

Neil B. Furnish and Amy Louise Furnish, Paris. 13-51767.

Holly E. Crowe, Winchester. 13-51770.

Robert Lawrence Ferguson and Janet Gail Ferguson, Winchester. 13-51771.

Christopher A. Collins, 2845 Palumbo Drive, No. 1G. 13-51772.

Jeffrey Wane Gabbard, Berea. 13-51774.

Jenni L. Spicer, Carlisle. 13-51776.

Kenneth W. Ard, Winchester. 13-51777.

Andrew Scott Jones, Cynthiana. 13-51778.

Chapter 11

Lexington Division

Robert S. Bain and Kimberly W. Bain, Panama City, Fla. 13-51766.

Chapter 13

Ashland Division

Ella Louann Carter, Morehead. 13-10259.

Timothy C. Parson and Jennifer R. Parson, South Portsmouth. 13-10261.

Travis D. Hobbs and Wanda C.M. Hobbs, Vanceburg. 13-10266.

Patricia Robinson, 607 West Little Garner Road. 13-10268.

William E. Justice, Flatwoods. 13-10270.

Frankfort Division

Timothy W Hockensmith Jr. and Stephanie A Hockensmith, 102 Windsor Drive. 13-30377.

Jo Ann Louden, Eminence. 13-30383.

Timothy Wayne Mullins and Debra Nycole Mullins, Carrollton. 13-30384.

Christopher Thomas Maynard, Corinth. 13-30386.

Larry J. Brown, 608 Hoge Avenue. 13-30390.

Jonathan E. Beasley and Anita Joyce Beasley, Lawrenceburg. 13-30393.

Paul Franklin Brown, Corinth. 13-30395.

Lanny Myers, 1300 Hanley Lane. 13-30396.

Compiled by Dorothea Wingo