Lexington coffee businesses plan to reopen Tuesday after small fire

Coffee Times Coffee House and Lexington Coffee and Tea had to close Monday afternoon because of a fire in the smoke stack on the coffee roaster.

Terri Wood, who owns the businesses on Regency Road with her family, said the smoke stack is connected to the chaff collector.

She said an employee had just finished the last roast of the day when he noticed that the stack was getting red hot; it caught fire about 3:45 p.m.

Wood said Coffee Times would reopen at 7:30 a.m. Tuesday.

She said she expected that Lexington Coffee and Tea, which supplies restaurants and businesses in Lexington and the surrounding area, will be roasting coffee again by Tuesday afternoon.

"People can't do without their coffee," Wood said. "We'll get it fixed as fast as possible."

Capt. Matt Galati of the Lexington Fire Department said damage from the fire was minor. No one was injured.

Wood was next door at Street Scene, a vintage furnishings and clothing store that she co-owns, when the fire started.

She said she was initially dismissive when someone came in and said to evacuate because of a fire.

People often think the building is on fire when the roaster is operating, she said.

"There's always smoke pouring off the building," Wood said.

She said her family has been in the coffee business for 30 years, and this was their first serious fire.

"We just feel really lucky and blessed that it wasn't worse," she said.