Motorist calls to Bluegrass AAA triple during cold snap, approach record

On Monday and Tuesday, AAA Bluegrass received three times the number of calls that it normally takes on inclement weather days, a spokesman said Tuesday.

Lilla Mason said the organization — which serves 200,000 motorists in Central, Eastern and Northern Kentucky, and parts of Virginia and West Virginia — has not yet tallied the number of calls from both days, but it might be an all-time high.

Most calls, Mason said, are about cars with dead batteries, locked-in keys and flat tires.

Flat tires? Mason said that for every 10-degree drop in temperature, cars lose about a pound of tire pressure.

"This kind of cold, cars just aren't designed to operate in," she said. "The first thing when people call, we ask them, 'Are you in a safe place?' Those by the roadside, their calls take precedence because of exposure."

That's why the wait time for a service call varies, Mason said. "It's very important that we protect the safety of our members."

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