Bankruptcies for week of Aug. 18

Definitions — Chapter 7: Court-appointed trustee sells assets, and debtor is discharged of debts. Chapter 11: Company or individual reorganizes under court supervision. Chapter 12: Farmer reorganizes debts under court supervision. Chapter 13: Debtor arranges to repay debt. More information about Eastern Division bankruptcies is at Click the electronic case file icon; follow instructions to set up a PACER account.

Chapter 7

Ashland Division

Clinton Belcher and Della Jane Belcher, Olive Hill. 14-10289.

Lisa Dawn Bloomfield, Vanceburg. 14-10290.

Carol R. Dillow, 621 14th Street. 14-10291.

Donald G. Akers Jr. and Karen M. Akers, Flatwoods. 14-10292.

Nikki Lee Reynolds, Russell. 14-10293.

Terry L. Dickerson and Donna G. Dickerson, Grayson. 14-10294.

Amanda R. Briggs, Catlettsburg. 14-10296.

Frankfort Division

Jay M. Goff and Annette C. Goff, 335 Harp Pike Road. 14-30376.

David M. Haden and Sandra J. Haden, 530 Steele Street, No. 1. 14-30377.

Oscar Otis Robertson and Jamie Lynn Robertson, Worthville. 14-30378.

Amanda Danielle Bright, Carrollton. 14-30379.

Paul Ray Stumbo, 844 Columbia Avenue. 14-30380.

Gail G. Silverman, Lawrenceburg. 14-30383.

Melissa A. Jones, 465 Union Ridge Road. 14-30385.

Ricky Lee White Jr., Lawrenceburg. 14-30386.

Lexington Division

Chokiang Saengo and Connie Saengo, 2939 Cadentown Road. 14-51791.

Denver M. Scott, Danville. 14-51792.

Corey R. Kinney, 2148 Larkspur Drive, No. 32A. 14-51793.

Joseph K. Maher and Katherine H. Maher, Versailles. 14-51794.

Laura Lynn Brann, Richmond. 14-51795.

Tena Lynn Adams, 320 Lindenhurst Drive, No. 12105. 14-51796.

Robbie F. Carpenter and Melinda J. Carpenter, Ewing. 14-51797.

Robert Wendell Campbell, Beattyville. 14-51798.

James K. Franklin, Danville. 14-51799.

Eula Lynn Schlatter, Harrodsburg. 14-51800.

Stanley Pennington Jr., Harrodsburg. 14-51801.

Cindy L. Campbell, Winchester. 14-51802.

Celia A. Hammond and Ronald D. Hammond, Nicholasville. 14-51804.

Paul Edward Spicer and Marcella H. Spicer, Jackson. 14-51805.

Amy L. Wilson, Danville. 14-51806.

Allen Dale Drury, Danville. 14-51807.

Heather Starr Anderson and Wesley Blake Anderson, Harrodsburg. 14-51808.

Joseph A. Ross and Anna C. Ross, 821 Gerardi Road. 14-51809.

Robert Presley Nickels, Winchester. 14-51813.

Timothy Edison Jones, 2074 Fairmont Court, No. 10. 14-51814.

Shelly Slocum, 1034 Oak Hill Drive. 14-51817.

Brian T. Rogers, 208 Lakeshore Drive, No. 20. 14-51822.

Bradley D. Dube, 2752 Lockhurst Road. 14-51823.

Abigail S. Taylor, 2153 Sage Road. 14-51824.

Tammy Smith, 356 Forest Hill Drive. 14-51825.

Lane Allen Baxter and Carrie Spencer Baxter, Paris. 14-51829.

Sarah Ellwood, Nicholasville. 14-51830.

Carolyn Sue Fell, 428 Darby Creek Road, No. 45. 14-51831.

James Riley Cannon and Brandy Michelle Cannon, Georgetown. 14-51834.

Wanda Lee Sexton, 1941 Brynell Drive. 14-51836.

Charles H. Wells and Geneva Wells, Winchester. 14-51839.

Susan Ramsey McCray, 618 Addison Avenue. 14-51840.

Bryan K. Hensley and Cassandra Jill Hensley, 596 Emery Court. 14-51841.

Robert Gene Jewell Sr. and Amanda Raye Jewell, Salt Lick. 14-51842.

Robert Walters, 973 Meadow Lane. 14-51844.

Heidi Louise Maynard, Nicholasville. 14-51846.

Angela Lynn Kearns, Cynthiana. 14-51848.

Brian K. Miller and Lisa R. Miller, Winchester. 14-51849.

Tina Smoot, Carlisle. 14-51850.

Atiya N. Stancil, 180 Codell Drive, No. 1905. 14-51851.

Brittany Michelle Moss, 3409 Royal Wood Road. 14-51852.

Jimmie Green, Owingsville. 14-51853.

Robbie Yates and Pamela Yates, Danville. 14-51855.

Judy Ann Howard, Winchester. 14-51856.

Kenith Darren Sons and Sarah Bethany Sons, Georgetown. 14-51857.

Peggy M. Bowman, Nicholasville. 14-51858.

Charles David Jones and Emily Lynn Jones, Clay City. 14-51860.

Vernon G. Lewter, Nicholasville. 14-51862.

George M. Steele, P.O. Box 11392. 14-51863.

James E. Twardy, Nicholasville. 14-51864.

John T. Jones, Carlisle. 14-51865.

Lori Lee Sexton, Georgetown. 14-51866.

Ashley Renee Hite, 1008 Carmellia Drive. 14-51869.

London Division

Margie Cunagin, East Bernstadt. 14-60909.

Roylee Douglas Walker, Williamsburg. 14-60910.

Debra Fay Cooper, Monticello. 14-60911.

Diana Ritchie, Hazard. 14-60912.

Megan E. Breeding, Williamsburg. 14-60913.

J.C. Grubb and Shirley Ann Grubb, Gray. 14-60914.

Matthew D. Napier and Cassandra K. Napier, Evarts. 14-60915.

Lyde Charles Engle Jr. and Mary Ann Engle, Barbourville. 14-60916.

Tina Michelle Merida, Flatlick. 14-60917.

Christopher Lee Morris, Hazard. 14-60919.

Dorothy Sue Quinn, Loyall. 14-60920.

Bobby Dewayne Grubbs, Wallins Creek. 14-60921.

Shonya Lavette Oneill, Corbin. 14-60922.

Christian Michelle Peterson and Jeffery Lee Peterson, Middlesboro. 14-60923.

Gwendolyn Faye Williams, Corbin. 14-60925.

Ray Mitchell, Parkers Lake. 14-60928.

Rodney Dodson, Manchester. 14-60929.

Jacob Anthony Miller, Hazard. 14-60930.

Ashley Blair Catton, 54 Talon Trail. 14-60931.

David Scott Keith, Whitley City. 14-60932.

Stephanie Y. Hubbard, Somerset. 14-60933.

Timothy Stephens and Carolyn Stephens, Pine Knot. 14-60934.

Tammy Kay Hawes, Corbin. 14-60935.

Jeremy Russull Hammock, 434 Laurel River Road. 14-60936.

Jeffrey L. Mills, Barbourville. 14-60937.

Carolyn Sue Hellard, Mount Vernon. 14-60938.

Sarah Jane Kilgore, Wallins Creek. 14-60939.

Clarence Emerson Sandlin Jr., Somerset. 14-60942.

Kimberly A. Wyatt, Corbin. 14-60943.

Jackie Gayheart and Edith Gayheart, Hazard. 14-60944.

Jacklene Hampton, Harlan. 14-60945.

Nicholas Dwayne Hibbard and Jessica Lynn Hibbard, Somerset. 14-60946.

Janice Lee Davidson, Corbin. 14-60948.

Tony Randall Oakes and Jane Elizabeth Oakes, 4450 White Oak Road. 14-60949.

Valerie Gay Ross, Barbourville. 14-60950.

Rodney Brent Ledford and Richelle Lynn Ledford, Barbourville. 14-60951.

Aley Dwight Marcum, Williamsburg. 14-60952.

Clifton Cope and Gwendolene Cope, Manchester. 14-60953.

William Branden Leach, Manchester. 14-60954.

Sherry L. Bingham, Barbourville. 14-60957.

Pamela N. Rezek, Loyall. 14-60958.

Floyd L. Meadows and Betty J. Meadows, Strunk. 14-60959.

Linda A. Schwass, Hazard. 14-60961.

Robert Shawn Rednour and Diane Norma Rednour, Monticello. 14-60963.

Lindsey Danielle Franklin, Bear Branch. 14-60964.

Rosemary Dunn, Middlesboro. 14-60965.

Bobby Laymon Cox and Robbin Renee Cox, Pineville. 14-60966.

Jonathan Ray Joseph, Wooton. 14-60967.

Wilma Frances Noe, Rockholds. 14-60968.

Lois J. Collett, East Bernstadt. 14-60969.

Compiled by Dorothea Wingo