Village Host Pizza to close, then re-open as different eatery next year

Village Host Pizza at 431 Old Vine Street is closing Nov. 1, owner Evan Trommer said Tuesday.

The restaurant is to reopen sometime early next year with a new image, Trommer said. It will not be part of the Village Host chain, he said.

The restaurant is likely to continue to have its popular salad bar and might wind up as an upscale casual restaurant, Trommer said, but it will ditch its arcade games room.

"We're going to design a menu that's both healthy and real good stuff," Trommer said. "We're going to close the doors, we're going to catch our breath. ... and then we're going to go over with a fine-tooth comb to find out what would be the most viable in the downtown area."

Village Host has 190 inside seats indoors, and 40 more on the patio, Trommer said.

Because downtown dining has moved toward the more upscale, Trommer said, "We're going to make it a little more friendly for date night, going out with friends."

The TVs would be available to broadcast UK games, he said.

"We just need to come back with a more knife-and-fork thing," Trommer said.