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Weekly stats

The following North American statistics are courtesy of Lehman Brothers and

Top games

Week of March 1

1. Wii Sports: Wii, 218,189 units sold, 9.66 million to date

2. Wii Play: Wii, 106,546, 4.99 million

3. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare: Xbox 360, 78,424, 3.46 million

4. Super Mario Galaxy: Wii, 60,093, 3.23 million

5. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock: Wii, 59,999, 1.61 million

6. Frontlines: Fuel of War: Xbox 360, 58,272, 58,272

7. Devil May Cry 4: Xbox 360, 57,034, 623,966

8. Link's Crossbow Training: Wii, 49,143, 986,319

9. Patapon: PSP, 48,316, 48,316

10. Lost Odyssey: Xbox 360, 45,161, 196,954

Console sales

Week of March 1

1. Nintendo Wii: 218,189 units sold

2. Nintendo DS: 152,759

3. Xbox 360: 102,622

4. Sony PS3: 89,585

5. Sony PS2: 80,039

6. Sony PSP: 76,447

7. Nintendo Game Boy Advance: 3,717

8. Nintendo GameCube: 92

Making news

Free Dropkicks offered

In celebration of St. Patrick's Day, ­Activision has announced it will release three free Dropkick Murphys songs later this month for its Guitar Hero III: ­Legends of Rock. The songs are Famous for Nothing, (F)lannigan's Ball and Johnny, 
I Hardly Knew Ya.

Harrison has a new gig

Phil Harrison, who resigned late last month as president of Sony's Worldwide Studios, has taken a job as president and director of Infogrames, the majority owner of Atari.

Did you know?

The Kentucky Dirt Bowl leagues in ­Lexington and Louisville have long been home to aspiring and top basketball talent, but the name itself made it into EA Sports' 2007 game NBA Street: Homecourt. But take this, Louisville: In a developers blog about the two cities, the staff wrote ”Nothing compares, though, 
to the party that is thrown down in ­Lexington. With bleachers and an ­announcer's stand, this court guarantees that when you shine, people will be there to take notice.“

Compiled by Scott Sloan