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New releases Oct 13-17

The following games are scheduled for release next week, according to

Oct. 13: Blitz: The League II (X360 and PS3, genre: arcade, rated M), Avatar The Last Airbender: Into the Inferno (PS2 and Wii, genre: fantasy, rated E10+), Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (PC, genre: music, rated T).

Oct. 14: Rock Revolution (X360, PS3, Wii and DS; genre: music, rated T on all platforms except DS, on which it's E10+), Saints Row 2 (X360, PS3 and PC, genre: modern, rated M), FIFA Soccer 09 (X360, PS3, PC, PS2, PSP and DS; genre: sim, rated E), Dead Space (X360 and PS3, genre: sci-fi, rated M), SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation (PS3, genre: modern, rated M), Golden Axe: Beast Rider (X360 and PS3, genre: general, rated M), Naruto: Path of the Ninja 2 (DS, genre: general, rated E10+), My Japanese Coach (DS, genre: edutainment, rated E).

Oct. 15: Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches (PC, genre: modern, rated T), Age of Booty (X360 and PS3, genre: party, rated E).

Oct. 16: Shaun White Snowboarding (PC, genre: snowboarding, rating unavailable).

Oct. 17: WWII Battle Tanks: T-34 vs. Tiger (PC, genre: tank, rating unavailable).