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New releases, week of Jan. 11

The following games are scheduled for release next week, according to

Jan. 12: Neighborhood Games (Wii, genre: party, rated E), Personal Trainer: Math (DS, genre: edutainment, rated E).

Jan. 13: The Lord of the Rings: Conquest (X360, PS3, PC and DS; genre: fantasy, rated E10+), Mirror's Edge (PC, genre: modern, rated T), Moon (DS, genre: sci-fi, rated T), Deal or No Deal (Wii, genre: trivia/game show, rated E), MotoGP 08 (Wii, genre: street, rated E).

Jan. 14: Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall (PC, genre: fantasy, rated E10+).

Jan. 15: The Clumsys (Wii, genre: general, rating unavailable).