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New releases, week of Jan. 18

The following games are scheduled for release next week, according to

Jan. 19: Star Ocean: Second Evolution (PSP, genre: console-style RPG, rated T), High Voltage Hot Rod Show (Wii, genre: kart, rated E), World Championship Games: A Track & Field Event (DS, genre: Olympic sports, rated E).

Jan. 20: Stoked (X360, genre: snowboarding, rated T), Ar tonelico 2: Melody of Metafalica (PS2, genre: general, rated T), Ultimate Shooting Collection (Wii, genre: scrolling, rated E), Big Bang Mini (DS, genre: static, rated E), Deer Drive (Wii, genre: hunting, rated T), Commander in Chief (PC, genre: modern, rated M), Wonder World Amusement Park (DS, genre: general, rated E).

Jan. 21: Skate 2 (X360 and PS3, genre: skateboarding, rated T), SimAnimals (Wii, genre: virtual life, rated E), Hot n Cold (PC, genre: general, rating unavailable).