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‘Killzone 2’ looks and plays great

Some didn't think it would be possible for Killzone 2 to deliver on the astounding level of hype it generated before its release late last month.

For months after its 2005 demo, people everywhere debated whether the footage they saw was actual in-game play or pre-rendered. They didn't think it possible to be in-game; it just looked too good.

It is that good.

It's maybe the best-looking shooter yet. Gears of War 2 set the bar very high, and while it's still near the top, it has been surpassed.

But what about the game itself? Killzone 2 shines there, as well. If I could describe the single-player campaign with one word, it would be immersive. This game sets a record pace of adrenaline-fueled action from the start and never lets up. I found myself coming to the end of a chapter, at a brief — very brief — resting point and pausing for a second to catch my breath. This game plays like a movie; it's that intense.

The praise doesn't stop with the campaign, either. Fans of multiplayer shooters won't be disappointed, as the game offers class-based play, clan support and experience points, which all add up to very rewarding online play.

While Killzone 2 has a lot going for it, it's not perfect. The story, enemies and objectives are somewhat lackluster. Earth is apparently having some sort of intergalactic war with a race of people who wear bright shiny orange goggles (which makes sniping very easy!). Other than that, the story is your run-of-the-mill military sci-fi shooter.

I can overlook this because of the frenetic pacing and amazing gameplay, but it merits mentioning. My only other issue is with its use of the PS3's motion-sensitive controller feature. All in all, it just flat out doesn't work very well and feels very much like a last-second addition to the game. Your character is tasked with arming explosive charges and turning valves using the motion control, but in the end, I just really wanted to press a button to arm the bomb, not flail my arms about.

All in all, though, it's an experience any first-person shooter fan will not want to miss, and it's one of the best titles released on the PS3.