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Dad is accused of beating 6-year-old for poor gaming skills

This isn't a joke. A man in a Cincinnati suburb has been arrested for allegedly beating his 6-year-old son because the boy wasn't excelling at a video game.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reported recently that Terry Taulbee, 50, is "accused of hitting the boy on his lower back and buttocks, leaving a large red hand mark."

"The victim's mother told police Taulbee became upset when the boy didn't play a video game well," the story says.

But the story never reported what game the boy was playing.

Brian Gregg of the Hamilton County (Ohio) Department of Job and Family Services told the Manifesto that it was a SpongeBob SquarePants game for Xbox.

There are a wealth of guides online for how parents can responsibly enjoy video games with their children.

One, in particular, is, which is run by an intrepid dad, Andrew S. Bub, who also rates games.

And speaking of rating games, of more than 50 SpongeBob-related games listed on, only one received a rating above 75 percent. That suggests that the games have all kinds of play-control issues and other programming flaws.