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Game linked to new 'Star Trek' movie takes simple approach

LOS ANGELES — Gamers won't be able to relive J.J. Abrams' highly anticipated Star Trek reboot on their consoles or computers.

Star Trek: D.A.C., the only video game being released alongside the film, which premieres Friday, is a simple downloadable arcade-style space shooter that allows players to join Federation or Romulan forces and engage in galactic online battles.

"We made a conscious choice in making this game that we weren't going to retell the story of the film," lead designer Tarik Soliman said. "The film itself is awesome. It's a new take on Trek. It's fresh. It's exciting, and it appeals to a much wider audience I think than other Trek films may have in the past. We wanted to capture that sensibility in this game."

The Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC game does take a few cues from its big-screen counterpart, though. Star Trek: D.A.C. features film composer Michael Giacchino's original score. The three Federation and Romulan starships that players can captain in deathmatch, assault and conquest scuffles were inspired by the movie's designs, including the Enterprise.

"There's a great sense of responsibility, especially with a title like Star Trek," Solimon said. "You want to stay true to the brand. You don't want to go too far out there."