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Queen fans will love all the hits on 'SingStar' series

SingStar Queen continues the karaoke series with a band that has been too often overlooked by today's rhythm games.

Killer Queen, We Are the Champions and Fat Bottomed Girls have appeared in the Guitar Hero series, but the favorites We Will Rock You and Under Pressure have been absent.

The PS3 track list is a comprehensive look at Freddie Mercury and his bandmates. Of the 34 tracks on Queen's greatest-hits CD set, 23 are in the game, plus two more. And rest assured: all the big hits are there.

I felt like Wayne and Garth rocking out to Bohemian Rhapsody. And I had very fond memories of Under Pressure, you know ... that song that was totally and completely different from Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby.

As usual, SingStar's visuals are a big selling point. You'll see lots of Queen videos as you struggle to match Mercury's vocals. Sure, it doesn't have the drums and strumming guitars of its rhythm-game brethren, but if you're a Queen fan, you'll be plenty happy.

Overall, it's a nice continuation of a great series that always surprises me with its ability to score great songs.