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'Buzz! Quiz World' generates trivial complaints

Buzz! Quiz World is the latest in the Buzz! series from British video game company Relentless Software. Available for two to eight players, the game does a really good job of making everyone feel immersed in a television game show.

I had the previous version of Buzz! Quiz and played with a good mix of friends that included some who had played the previous incarnation and some who were non-trivia players.

The developer added new rounds and categories. The most notable rounds from the previous installation are still around: "Point Builder," in which everyone gets a chance to get some points, and "Fastest Finger," in which the quickest player gets the most points.

New rounds include "Boiling Point," in which the first to fill your thermometer gets the most points, and "On the Spot," in which everyone guesses whether you will get the question correct.

One complaint about the last edition was its broad categories, which also were few in number. Even without going online for new question packs or user-created content, Quiz World has revamped the category system to include many different types.

Buzz! Quiz World has many good features, but there could be more improvements. Let's face it: Everyone doesn't like to play trivia games, but the variety of questions gives everyone a chance to get some correct, and when the host says your name and offers congratulations or, more commonly, insults, you feel as if you're in the studio going for the top prize.

But there are only 30 names in the system, and some players could be turned off immediately if their name isn't included. My sister-in-law, Nina, whose name is neither terribly common nor uncommon but wasn't included, was slightly offended and could see how some players who don't like trivia but enjoy game shows could be a little miffed by this.

Quiz World needs to have either more names or the ability to input your own name and allow the host to attempt it. My biggest complaint was that if the game is marketed for two to eight players, then all game rounds and variations should be available for as many as eight players.

I would recommend Buzz! Quiz World for small parties or a game night because it can keep hard-core trivia players occupied and even keep not-so-skilled players entertained.

Another nice feature for system owners who have the PlayStation Eye is checking out the random photos taken during game play. Downloadable question packs and the ability to create your own question should keep you playing this on game night for quite a while.