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'Mass Effect 2' is a worthy sequel

When the Mass Effect series launched in 2007, developer Bioware hailed it as the start of a trilogy.

Developers often try to pitch "trilogy" series at the outset of a new game, but they frequently find that the first never gets high enough off the ground to warrant development of the second or third. The Mass Effect series is the polar opposite.

The recently released Mass Effect 2 continues an epic saga that will be remembered for years because of its quality. The game is far above its competitors, and it redefines what is possible.

In what we could almost call the year of the sequels, with BioShock 2 already out and more on the way, Mass Effect 2 stands above the rest. Whereas BioShock 2 was well done, it felt a little like a rerun of the first, and Army of Two: 40th Day has too many problems to even mention. And so the list goes.

Bioware obviously listened to gamer feedback from the first game. The first game was widely applauded, and players across the globe loved it. However, it did have its flaws. There were technical glitches, combat elements, loading times and other smaller complaints.

With the sequel, the developer has improved almost all of these. The combat flows better in Mass Effect 2, the long loading times are gone, the glitches have been minimized to almost nothing, and the story is even better than the original. Even areas of the game that played out well in Mass Effect have been reworked and fine-tuned to near perfection.

The voice acting and graphics are among the best of any game ever produced, and the inventory management is top of the line. Both aspects were delivered well in the original, but they were made even better here.

I can only imagine what the final game in the series might hold. If the progression from Mass Effect to Mass Effect 2 is any indication, it should again be revolutionary.

Mass Effect 2 is a blockbuster, story-driven science-fiction masterpiece of a role-playing game. If you even mildly enjoy role-playing games, you need to play this. It will grip you immediately, and before you know it, you'll be on your second or third play-through.