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'No Mercy' event makes a party out of gaming

Lexington's monthlong In2Lex technology celebration will be putting gamers at center stage next week.

On Thursday, video game fans, including just the casual ones among us, are invited to Bakers 360 for a night of gaming called "No Mercy."

The event is being organized by the brains behind Lexington's GameCinemaHD, a company looking to redefine video-game journalism.

The company has been offering unique programming on its Web site,, that builds on publicity it received for airing video game footage in New York's Times Square.

"The last party (last June) had tons of people who had never played games before, and they were picking up Tiger Woods and Left 4 Dead," said Ronnie Hobbs of Game CinemaHD. "We had politicians playing Left 4 Dead, and they were blown away by what they were playing."

That party was a VIP-only affair at Hugo's. The Bakers 360 event is free and open to the public. Hobbs said he expects about 500 people.

They'll be treated to a number of recently released games, including Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and New Super Mario Bros., and potentially some unreleased titles.

Hobbs said the company hopes to have the newest Splinter Cell game and some others, but that's uncertain.

No Mercy is being billed as an after-party for the Creative Cities Summit, which is April 7 to 9, Hobbs said.

"It will bring together our gaming friends with people who don't normally play," he said. "You may be 40 or 50 and enjoy games, and you just don't know it."