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'God of War III' proves a fitting, ferocious finale

God of War III, the much-anticipated final installment of the story arc of the God of War series, certainly makes full use of PlayStation 3's graphic capabilities.

As the game opens, Kratos, the protagonist, has allied himself with the Titans. Together, they are scaling Mount Olympus to carry out Kratos' revenge on Zeus.

The sheer scale of the opening level is awe-inspiring. The massive Titans, who are characters and part of the playable landscape of the game, climb as Kratos fends off the attacks of angry gods.

This game doesn't have an "OK, here is an effortless first level, so you can figure out how to maneuver" level. In fact, the average player should expect to be fighting Poseidon after about 31/2 to four minutes of play. After all, you have a few moments of experience, and he only controls the seas. Am I right?

After getting over the visual beauty of the levels, players can begin to appreciate the level of brutality that this game has to offer. In disemboweling a centaur, you can identify organs as they spill out, thanks to 1080i resolution. And you're rewarded with extra health for breaking off a minotaur's horn and slowly feeding it through an eye socket into the man-bull's skull.

The video sequences are just as brutal. Rather than having players sit back and watch these scenes play out, the makers of the game deemed that the players participate. For example, when killing one of the gods, the player is prompted to toggle the L3 and R3 buttons on the controller, allowing Kratos to gouge out your foe's eyes. In short, this game has a definite hard "M" rating for mature.

There's not much of a story line. Kratos wants to kill Zeus and will stop at nothing to do so. That's it.

Most of the dialogue in the game is overblown with pathos, so much so that it begins to feel a bit cheesy.

Even with that being taken into account, this game is carried by its amazing graphics and vicious game play. If you are already a fan of the God of War series, this is a fitting end to the current story arc. Not to worry. More games are sure to come.