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Date story was published: Sunday, September 16, 1984

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - In yesterday's big game, it was Kentucky 48, Indiana 14.

Film at 11.

Judging by the crush of reporters, minicams and happy hangers-on who gathered at the UK locker room here late yesterday afternoon, the Big Blue faithful could hardly wait to catch another look at what their heroes had just accomplished.

One of the happiest, former Gov. A.B. "Happy" Chandler, whose political skills for smelling out a bandwagon remain intact, certainly wouldn't wait. As he waved and smiled his way toward the locker room door, Chandler hardly noticed a guard blocking his path.

"Sorry, but you have to wait," the guard said. By mid-sentence, Chandler had already tightened his trademark "UK" cap on his head and shouldered his way inside.

One person who could wait was Bill Mallory. The Indiana coach said he would look at films Monday. That would be soon enough.

"I won't eat much before I watch the film," he announced.

In its first game at home with Mallory as coach, Indiana played the kind of game its fans can only hope doesn't indicate the effects of the new boss man's guidance. Schoolchildren and losing coaches call that game "giveaway." Mallory called it that and worse.

The Hoosiers' poise, he said, evaporated before most of the soon-to-be- frustrated 44,389 spectators had found their seats. The mistakes, which included garden-variety fumbles (two) and interceptions (three), plus others so novel as to need a lengthy explanation, were "shocking," Mallory said.

IU's tackling?


Missed assignments?


You get the idea.

Kentucky, meanwhile, poured it on, dismantling the Hoosiers almost as easily as it did Kent State in its opener.

"We got every break in the book," UK Coach Jerry Claiborne said more than once. "We had no earthly idea we'd be up 31-0 at halftime."

It could have been worse. Barefoot kicker Jim "Easy" Rider missed two field goal attempts when the outcome was in doubt.

"We could have had forty-some points" Claiborne said, a touch of marvel in his voice. "In the first half, we played about as intense as we can, about as intense as I've seen one of our teams at Kentucky."

How bad -- or is that good? -- was it? So good that Paul Calhoun ran for a touchdown from punt formation as many times as he kicked: once.

So good that IU quarterback Steve Bradley's career-high total of pass attempts (47), completions (27) and passing yardage (338) seemed truly a trivial pursuit.

"I don't think there's a whole lot you can say after you suffer a loss like that," said Mallory, who managed to say quite a bit. "We made every gosh-darn mistake in the book in the first half."

Chronologically, it went like this:

After an opening drive of five minutes netted a 29-yard field goal by Rider, UK got the ball back on IU's third play from scrimmage. Tailback Bobby Howard fumbled the ball away at the Hoosier 45-yard-line after catching a Bradley pass. The Cats needed nine running plays to go up 10-0. Mark Logan, who contributed 94 yards to UK's total of 389 yards rushing, did the honors from 6 yards out.

The best -- or is that worst? -- of IU's mistakes were yet to come. Punting from the UK 45 on their next possession, the Hoosiers surrendered the ball at their own 41 when punter Chuck Razmic had to go to one knee to field the snap.

That misfortune resulted in no points, however, when Rider missed from 31 yards out, but the next mistake did.

On Indiana's very next play from scrimmage, its 11th of the game, the Hoosiers came a cropper for the third time. Fullback Jim Caldwell fumbled at his own 21. Three runs later, Logan was in the end zone from 7 yards out. UK 17 and growing; Indiana painfully stagnant at zero.

That wasn't all, folks. Indiana's loony tunes continued. The Hoosiers actually had UK stopped on its next possession, but with Calhoun poised to punt on a fourth-and-five at his own 48 Indiana was penalized 5 yards for illegal use of the hands.

Five plays later, the Cats scored again. Flanker Joe "Joker" Phillips tallied this time, catching a quick sideline pass at the 38 and running untouched to the 4. From there, Phillips was bumped into the end zone.

"It was pre-planned," Phillips said of the virtual non-route that left him wide open. Lined up near the sideline, Phillips had only to move a couple of steps and turn around. No IU defender was within 15 yards.

"We saw in the films against Duke (Indiana lost 31-24 there last week) that they would blitz their corner," Phillips said. "They had to cover with the safety. That was hard to do."

UK's next possession yielded a more conventional score. The Cats drove 54 yards in 10 plays. George Adams, who gained 154 yards on 30 carries, scored his lone touchdown of the day on a 1-yard dive.

The fun began again almost immediately.

A pass interception on IU's first play gave UK the ball back. A pass interference call -- a blatant faceguarding of Eric Pitts -- advanced the Cats to the 32. Rider let IU off the hook this time by missing a 42-yard field goal attempt.

Not surprisingly, the Indiana fans voiced their disapproval on several occasions. Linebacker Tom Hendrickson was booed when Bill Ransdell ran through his arm tackle for a first down in the UK touchdown drive that made it 31-0.

The boos turned to laughs when Calhoun sneaked 47 yards from punt formation for a third-quarter touchdown.

It couldn't have been drawn up more perfectly on a chalkboard. Indiana's defenders peeled back to return the punt. Calhoun waited, seemed to shrug and took off around the right side.

"I couldn't believe it," Calhoun said. "Usually there's one defensive end to check you. When I glanced up, there was no one. I figured I'd go and run with it."

The rest (including a 12-yard TD run by Mark Higgs) was devoid of comic relief.

"We've got a long, uphill battle" Mallory said of Indiana's rebuilding task.

From yesterday's performance, it appeared to be the same kind of struggle UK faced in its 50-turnover 0-10-1 season of 1982.

"I was glad to get a few," Claiborne said of the IU mistakes. "They say it equals out overall. We have a lot to get even for."