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Intense rehab designed to return patients to former way of life

An acute inpatient rehabilitation unit is a specialty unit that provides intense rehabilitative services for individuals who have sustained an illness or injury that has affected their overall quality of life.

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Crystal Ward is a patient care coordinator in the rehabilitation unit at Baptist Health Corbin. Brenda Kocher CBH

After an individual has sustained an illness or injury and the healing process has started, the type of recovery becomes very important to these individuals whose goal is to return to their former way of life.

This is where acute inpatient rehabilitation could be one of the most important decisions the patient or family makes regarding overall recovery.

Acute inpatient rehabilitation provides a team approach, intense program that develops and implements individualized treatment plans with set goals based on a patient’s individual needs. In order to qualify for admission to the program, a patient must be able to participate and tolerate three hours of rehab therapy daily at least five days a week and work with representatives from various disciplines represented in the program in order to meet and maintain their recovery goals.

The rehab team consists of representatives from rehab medicine, rehab nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, case management and therapeutic recreation. Each discipline develops its own plan of care for the patient based on the expertise in their chosen profession with the goal of treating the whole patient, considering both physical as well as mental well-being.

The team meets weekly or twice a week to discuss the patient, seek new goals if needed, or modify current goals based on progress or lack of progress, and work toward discharge plans which will be based around their needs. Depending on the type of illness or injury, an admission may extend from seven days up to four to six weeks.

Acute inpatient rehabilitation goes beyond walking and other means of exercise; it allows patients to participate in activities that they normally do at home. Part of the treatment program may include doing laundry, folding clothes, preparing and cooking food, gardening or using a fishing rod. Each patient’s list of activities varies depending on their personal goals.

The overall goal of acute inpatient rehabilitation is for each patient to be able to return to doing the things he or she loves and cherishes.

Crystal Ward is a patient care coordinator in the rehabilitation unit at Baptist Health Corbin.