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Saint Joseph offers online quality report

Saint Joseph Health System is launching an online quality report at, making it only the second health care system in the state to offer the public full access to the organization's performance.

Norton Healthcare in Louisville is the other.

"We are joining a small number of health care facilities nationwide that are providing the public with uncensored information about the quality of their care, based on nationally developed and endorsed measures," said Gene Woods, chief executive officer of Saint Joseph Health System, in a news release. "... The bottom line is that patients have a right to know how their health care provider is performing according to nationally recognized quality standards, and we wanted to make it easy for patients to access our data to make informed decisions about where to receive the best care."

The site includes categories such as patient safety, childbirth and newborns, heart surgery and procedures and stroke. Saint Joseph's Kentucky hospitals include Saint Joseph and Saint Joseph East in Lexington, Saint Joseph London, Saint Joseph Mount Sterling and Saint Joseph Berea.