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Versailles doctor surrenders medical license, won't fight allegations

A Versailles physician has surrendered his medical license rather than contest allegations that he was negligent in prescribing controlled substances, according to state medical board documents.

An agreed order of surrender between the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure and Joseph P. DiBeneditto was filed Thursday.

DiBeneditto was placed on probation with the medical board in 1999 as a result of allegations that he inappropriately prescribed drugs that were considered controlled substances. The order of probation expired in 2006, according to board documents.

In 2011, a board consultant found that DiBeneditto committed "a pattern of acts that would be considered gross negligence" in obtaining patient histories and prescribing controlled substances.

"The persistent negligence in regard to obtaining the initial history resulted in problematic diagnoses which resulted in lack of proper treatment," the agreed order of surrender said. The order said DiBeneditto has been unable to practice medicine since 2011 because of complications from diabetes but that had he hoped to resume practicing medicine sometime in the future.

"He has determined that it is appropriate to surrender his license at this time rather than contest the allegations," the order said.

DiBeneditto's attorney Bernard Pafunda declined to comment Friday.