Student brings non-operational gun to Mercer County school

A Mercer County middle school student took a gun to school Monday and to a football game Monday night, prompting district officials to send a letter home with students on Tuesday.

The gun was brought to King Middle School, but it was not operational, according to the letter signed by Mercer County Schools superintendent Dennis Davis and school safety officer Esther Hayslett.

The student reportedly told two other students that there was a gun in his or her backpack during the school day Monday, but the other students did not believe it and did not tell administrators.

The same student showed the gun to another student at a freshman football game held on the middle school campus Monday night.

On Tuesday, school administrators learned of the situation and, after determining that the gun had not been brought back to school, notified the superintendent and Harrodsburg police.

The student admitted to bringing the gun to school, but officials said the student "had no intent to harm or threaten other students and the Harrodsburg police determined the gun to be inoperable."

The incident is being handled according to board policy and state and federal laws, according to the letter.

"We greatly appreciate the parents and students who have provided us with the information necessary to investigate and bring closure to this incident," district officials said in the letter. "Please discuss this incident with your child(ren) at home and encourage them to notify school administration immediately if they ever have knowledge of a person bringing a weapon to school."