Suspect arrested within nine minutes of robbing Lexington bank

It didn't take long for police to arrest a robbery suspect Friday evening.

Police received a call at 5:49 about a robbery at United Bank at 3098 Harrodsburg Road near Beaumont Circle.

Bank employees gave police a description of the suspect and his vehicle, as well as a license plate number, Lt. Richard Bottoms said.

The suspect was also caught on the bank's security camera, which police reviewed.

Police in the area were able locate the suspect inside his vehicle near Gladman Way and Forsythe Road. An arrest was made at 5:58 p.m., Bottoms said.

Police recoverd cash and a firearm, which Bottoms said was shown during the robbery.

Bottoms didn't release the suspect's name or the amount of money that he stole from the bank.

No one was injured. The suspect faces first degree robbery charges.