City launches Rupp district Web site

The city of Lexington has launched a new Web site that includes the latest news and announcements from the Rupp Arena Arts and Entertainment District.

The site is www.ruppdistrict.com.

The site takes visitors inside the task force that is looking at the evolving plan for the 46-acre space in downtown Lexington. You can access task-force reports, learn about the district's master planning firm and share your own ideas for the future of Lexington.

"We want people to see what's going on," said Mayor Jim Gray in a statement, "and we want to hear from them. The Web site now gives us the opportunity and it's an integral part of this process."

The task force has examined the Lexington Center area since April and recently compiled its findings into preliminary reports and selected the firm Space Group to head the planning process.

Final plans are expected later this year, though, as Gray cautions, "this is step one in about a 10-step process."