Train hits, kills Georgetown man walking on tracks listening to music

A Georgetown man was walking along the railroad tracks listening to music on his cell phone when he was struck and killed by a train Thursday, the Scott County coroner said. Cory Ross, 21, of 141 Placid Drive, was struck at about 1 p.m. while walking along on the tracks at Carley Drive near the Georgetown Bypass.

Scott County Coroner John Goble said Ross was "listening to music on his cell phone held up to his ear" as the train came up behind him.

Goble said the train's engineer hit his horn and brakes but couldn't avoid sideswiping Ross.

Ross died of blunt force trauma to the body, Goble said.

Ross had been a bell ringer for the Salvation Army, according to Goble.

According to television reports, family members said Ross often walked along the rails because he didn't have a car.

No funeral arrangements were available Thursday night.