Haley Pike landfill closed to demolition debris

The city's Haley Pike landfill, which has been taking construction and demolition debris since 1995, has reached capacity and will close Friday.

The composting operation on Haley Pike will continue. Also, Fayette County residents living outside the urban services area can still drop off landfill waste and recyclable items..

Construction material can be taken to: Thoroughbred Landfill, 4179 Hedger Lane; Bluegrass Waste Alliance Transfer Station, 1505 Old Frankfort Pike; Central Kentucky Landfill, 493 Double Culvert Road, Georgetown; Tri K Landfill, Rte. 3249, Stanford; Benson Valley Area Landfill, Hwy. 151, Frankfort.

Reusable building items such as mantels, flooring, doors and fixtures can be donated to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, 451 Southland Dr. Call (859) 252-2224, Ext. 128 or e-mail billw@lexhabitat.org.

Businesses needing to dispose of large quantities of cardboard should take the material to the Lexington Recycling Center, 350 Thompson Road or to Central Kentucky Fibers Resources at 847 Angliana Ave. Metal can be recycled at Wise Recycling, 203 Lisle Industrial Ave. or Baker Iron and Metal, 740 Rockcastle Ave. or at 1554 Old Frankfort Pike.