Bryan Station High School parents alerted after search turns up handgun in student's backpack

A Bryan Station High School freshman was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon on school property after a handgun was found in his backpack during a search, Fayette County district officials said Friday.

A handgun was found in the student's backpack when he was searched after being found off campus, according to a press release from the school district. The student was not identified.

A letter and phone alert were being sent Friday to Bryan Station parents about the incident.

The freshman was dropped off at school Friday by a parent, but he left the area without ever entering the school building, according to the district.

A Lexington police officer saw the student walking near the North Pointe subdivision about lunch time and took him back to school.

Students who return to campus after skipping school are customarily searched, the district said. The handgun was found in the ninth-grader's backpack.

The student said he found the gun while off campus and the gun was not related to any events at Bryan Station.

"Although the student said he had no intention of using the gun," he was charged and taken into custody.

Lexington police are investigating. The student faces juvenile court proceedings and "serious" administrative consequences from the school district, the district said.