Find out who's running for office in Bourbon, Clark, Franklin, Jessamine, Madison, Scott and Woodford counties

Races for city councils and school boards dominate the ballots of the counties surrounding Lexington plus Franklin County. Residents in Nicholasville and in Clark County also will decide whether to change their form of government.

Here's a look at the local races in regional counties.

Bourbon County

Terry Crouch and Randy Sparks vie for the District 2 seat on the Bourbon County school board, while Robert Eskridge and Thomas Winn "Tuck" Talbot compete for the District 5 seat.

Eight candidates are on the non-partisan ballot for Millersburg City Council. They are Penny Barbee, Larissa Wells Buchanan, Clay Hammer, Lee Hopkins, Eugene "Chuck" Kiser Jr., Joseph M. Land Sr., Lorrain Smoot and Nathan Scott Zingg.

North Middletown has three candidates for city commissioner: Michelle L. Butler, Connie Mattox Stamper and Larry W. Stevenson.

Six candidates are running for Paris city commissioner: Wallis Brooks, Stan Galbraith, Jo Ann George, Tim Gray, Bart Horne and Jim Long.

There's also a race for Bourbon circuit clerk between Democrat Trina B. Huston and Republican Beverly Hinkle Smits.

Clark County

Clark County voters will decide whether to change the format of county government. The operating government body in Clark County switched from a seven-magistrate fiscal court to a three-member county commission in January 2011. That change resulted after voters approved a change in county government in 2006.

The ballot question on Nov. 6, if approved, would revert county government to a fiscal court, this time with six magistrates. If approved, the format would not revert to a fiscal court until the current commissioners' terms expire in two years.

A ballot question asks, "Are you in favor of a return to a fiscal court composed of the county judge-executive and six magistrates (justices of the peace) who shall represent specific districts within the county?"

In addition, there are three contested Clark County school board races.

The candidates are Steve Graves and Beth Griffith in District 2; Debbie Fatkin and Michael McGowan in District 3; and Ashley D. Ritchie and Deanna Wolfe in District 5.

Five candidates are on the ballot for Winchester city commissioner: Rick Beach, Kenny Book, Shannon J. Cox, Ralph Harrison and Kitty Strode.

Franklin County

Frankfort voters will select Bill May or Kyle Thompson as their new mayor to succeed H. "Gippy" Graham.

Eight people are running for Frankfort city commissioner: Jerry R. Bailey, Lynn Bowers, Tommy Haynes, Katie Flynn Hedden, Louis McClain, Robert E. Roach, Michael Flynn Turner and Sellus Wilder.

There is one contested race for the Frankfort Independent school board between Jina Greathouse and Paul C. Looney.

Jessamine County

Voters in certain precincts or portions of precincts will decide whether to change Nicholasville's form of government.

Nicholasville had a council form of government at one time, but voters switched to the commission form in 1972. Proponents say council members elected from wards will spread representation among the city's 28,000 residents. Opponents say commissioners who are citywide representatives work better as a team.

The ballot question asks, "Are you in favor of the proposal to change from the current commission form of government to mayor-council ward form of government for the city of Nicholasville?"

Seven candidates are on the ballot for Nicholasville city commissioner: Betty Black, Doug Blackford, Johnny Collier, Jesse T. Kennison, Wesley Pike, Pete Sutherland and Andy Williams.

Seven candidates also are running for Wilmore City Council: Jeff Baier, Jim Brumfield, Lynn Cooper, Kim Deyer, J. Leonard Fitch, Lynne Fuller and Jeff James.

There is one contested Jessamine County school board race, between Amy Callahan Day and John P. Martin in District 2.

Three people are in the race for soil and water conservation district supervisors. They are Douglas Teater, Vernon R. Teater and Ben Wilson.

Madison County

There are four contested races for Madison County school board.

They are between Kathie J.R. Bettler and John Lackey in District 1; Jimmy Allen, Becky L. Coyle, Greg Mayo and Bill Phillips in District 2; Christopher L. Hager and Mary J. Renfro in District 3; and Beth Brock, Debbie Secchio and Robert G. Stephens in District 5.

There also is a race between Will Bondurant and Van Gravitt for the Berea Independent District school board.

Thirteen people are running in the non-partisan race for Berea City Council. They are Richard Bellando, Virgil Burnside, Violet "Vi" Farmer, Chad Hembree, Robert "P Nut" Johnson, Diane Kerby, Jerry A. Knowles, Jerry Little, Jim Lucas, Chester Powell, Brandon Rutherford, Ronnie Terrill and Billy Wagers.

Eight candidates are running for Richmond city commissioner: Donna Baird, Robert R. Blythe, Don Jaynes, Bobby Johns, Laura Durham Morgan, Jason Morgan, Jim Newby and Richard Thomas.

Scott County

There are three contested races for Scott County school board: Robert Haley Conway and Janyce L. Seahorn in District 1 seat, Jo Anna Fryman and Phyllis E. Young in District 2, and Karen Cropper, Greg Earlywine, Jennifer Holbert, Harold Jessie, Luther R. Mason, David Poer and Darlene Rains in District 3.

Fifteen people are running for Georgetown City Council: Charles Bradley, James Fitzgerald III, Paul J. Kleinhenz, David J. Lusby, George H. Lockard, Kelly McEuen, Bruce Owens, Brad Penn, Stephen D. Price, Marlene Rutherford, Karen Tingle Sames, Mark Showalter, Mark Singer, Connie K. Tackett and Marvin V. Thompson.

Other cities in Scott County also have contested races. Judith Sinclair and Detta Wilson are running for Sadieville city commissioner; Christa Darnell, Jacqueline "Jacky" Hobbs, Kayla Jones and Nathan Ritchie for Stamping Ground city commissioner; and Paige Walters Allen, Virginia Deitz, Donnie Dyer and Ted Fisk for Corinth city commissioner.

Woodford County

The cities of Midway and Versailles have contested city council races.

In Midway, the 10 candidates are Michael A. Ashton, Steven Craig, Aaron S. Hamilton, Sara Newell Hicks, Doris J. Leigh, Kevin Locke, Daniel A. Roller, Bruce Southworth, Sharon Turner and Grayson Vandegrift.

In Versailles, the eight candidates are Mary Ellen Bradley, Ronald "Ron" Durbin, Carl Ellis, Ken Kerkhoff, Ann Miller, Owen L. Roberts, Nickie H. Shryock and Brian Traugott.