WKYT anchor Sam Dick injured in bicycle wreck

WKYT anchor Sam Dick
WKYT anchor Sam Dick

Veteran Lexington television news anchor Sam Dick was injured Sunday afternoon in a bicycle wreck on Chinoe Road.

Dick, who has been at WKYT-TV since 1987, "had a pretty bad bike wreck that ended in an afternoon in the ER," his wife, Noelle Dick, wrote on Facebook Sunday night.

"While not okay, he truly was touched by an angel today," Noelle Dick wrote.

A photo of Sam Dick on Facebook showed abrasions and cuts on the right side of his face.

"His face is pretty bad, very sore all over, shoulder is beat up, lots of road rash and mild concussion," wrote his wife.

She attributed a helmet for saving his life and said the wreck was a lesson to "slow down in highly trafficked areas."

The wreck occurred near Colt Neck Lane just before 3:30 p.m., when Noelle Dick said her husband was going about 30 miles per hour on Chinoe Road. She said her husband was going too fast and fell off the bicycle when he braked to avoid a Jeep Cherokee that was pulling out.

"Not the car's fault," she wrote. "Sam adamantly says he was going too fast."

WKYT news director Robert Thomas said Sunday night that Sam Dick was training for an Iron Man competition in Maryland. He said Dick had been bicycling for about 90 minutes when he came down a hill on Chinoe.

Dick was taken to University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital, where he was treated and released, Thomas said.

"He has to go back to the doctor on Wednesday, so I don't know how long he will be off," Thomas said.

Thomas said Dick, who owns a bicycle shop, has done several TV reports on bicycle safety. "Thank goodness he had his helmet on," he said.

Lexington police said no information was immediately available Sunday night on the wreck.

Dick, 56, was diagnosed in September 2010 with prostate cancer, the same disease that killed his father in July 2010. Dick had his prostate removed in December 2010 and said his prognosis was excellent.

David Dick, Sam's father, was a CBS News correspondent for 19 years.