2-year-old nearly struck twice on busy road; brothers arrested, police say

A two-year-old child left an apartment, went down 13 steps and wandered onto a busy road, where she was almost struck by two cars. Two brothers face charges over the close call, Laurel County authorities said.

Nathan Wagoner, 34, and Austin Wagoner, 18, both of Barbourville Road, were arrested Wednesday afternoon on charges of endangering the welfare of a minor, the Laurel County Sheriff's Department said.

Both were taken to the county jail.

The two were arrested about 3 p.m. Wednesday at an apartment on Ky. 363, three miles south of London. Deputies went there after receiving a complaint that a small child had been wandering on the road.

According to the sheriff's department, Nathan Wagoner's girlfriend had left her 2-year-old daughter in his care while she was at work.

But Nathan Wagoner left the apartment, entrusting the child to Austin Wagoner, who was sleeping, according to a news release from the sheriff's department.

The child then apparently walked through an open door, went down the steps and wandered onto the road, according to the sheriff's department. She was almost struck by two passing vehicles, deputies said.

The sheriff's department said officers entered the apartment and awakened Austin Wagoner, who didn't know where the child was.

Nathan Wagoner returned about 20 minutes later, and both brothers were arrested, the sheriff's department said.

The child was released to her mother's custody, and social services officials were notified, according to the sheriff's department.