Fayette ex-firefighter arraigned in hit-and-run case near Beer Trappe

Former Lexington firefighter Jarad McCargo, accused of hitting three people with his vehicle and then driving off, pleaded not guilty Friday to several felony charges.

McCargo, 37, was arraigned in Fayette Circuit court on charges of first-degree assault, leaving the scene of an accident, first-degree criminal mischief, two counts of fourth-degree assault, driving under the influence, and failing to have vehicle insurance.

He is accused of running over Noel Espino, a National Guardsman, and two others at The Beer Trappe on Sept. 19.

A lawyer for McCargo entered the not guilty plea after McCargo's original lawyer receive permission from Judge Kim Bunnell to withdraw from the case.

McCargo, dressed in an orange jumpsuit, said little during Friday's hearing.

On Sept. 21, police arrested McCargo after his white 2000 Ford Expedition jumped a curve, hitting three people and driving away from the bar at 811 Euclid Avenue. He was later found hiding behind a neighbor's garbage cans on Yellowstone Parkway off Alumni Drive.

McCargo was released on bond Sept. 26, but he was arrested again Nov. 5 after the additional charges were filed in an indictment.

Bunnell set bail of $450 for the new charges.

McCargo was being held in the Fayette County jail and is scheduled to appear again in court Dec. 11.