Central Kentucky For The Record

Records are gathered from the county clerk's office and area hospitals. Contact Dorothea Wingo at



Baptist Health Lexington

Aug. 19: Steven and Hilary Taylor, Lexington, boy.

David and Anna Dressman, Lexington, boy.

Andrew and Samantha Ashford, Nicholasville, boy.

Renardo Hawkins and Jessica Buster, Georgetown, girl.

Brandon and Stephanie Barker, Morehead, boy.

Mike and Jamie Mills, Lexington, girl.

Tyler and Jenna Steigerwald, Lexington, girl.

Aug. 20: Brandon and Tara Henderson, Georgetown, girl.

Achraf Fawakherji and Heba Noaman. Lexington, girl.

Cody Fryman and Samantha Fullmer. Mount Olivet, girl.

Michael and Abbie Thornberry. Lexington, boy.

Chris and Clarrisa Wells. Georgetown, boy.

Bryan and Lauren Moore. Lexington, girl.

Nicholas and Kimberly Bowling. Lexington, girl.

Jeremiah and Jessica Duerson. Richmond, girl.

Kip and Kristen Kirchbaum. Lexington, girl.

Aug. 21: Wiley and Laura Adams, Wilmore, girl.

Jonathan and Veronica Herst, Lexington, girl.

Trey and Christina Coyle, Jackson, girl.

Aaron and April Roberts, Mount Sterling, girl.

Chris Agosto and Chelsea Mullins, Richmond, boy.

Melvin and Tiye Hunter, Richmond, boy.

Rick Kielman II and Lori Kielman, Flemingsburg, girl.

Lamon and Ruth Miller, Corinth, boy.

Aug. 22: James and Crystal Young, Winchester, girl.

Fabian Hernandez and Tania Gonzalez, Lexington, girl.

Chase and Melinda Marcinek, Lancaster, boy.

Alan and Shannon Hubbard, Lily, girl.

Stephen Johnson and Marcia Webb, Lexington, boy.

Aug. 23: Tim and Adrianna Holbrook, Olive Hill, girl.

David and Hannah Atkins, Lexington, girl.

Elias Trejo and Kelby Roop, Nicholasville, girl.

Women's Hospital at Saint Joseph East

Aug. 9: Joy and Joseph Curtis, Nicholasville, boy.

Aug. 10: Amanda Reed, Frankfort, boy.

Stephanie Stallings, Nicholasville, girl.

Kimberly and Carl Holbrook, Bulan, girl.

Erin and Eric May, Lexington, girl.

Aug. 11: Staci Allen, Jackson, boy.

Ashley and Joseph Fothergill, Berea, girl.

Kendra Mitchell and Justin Suter, Lexington, girl.

Marisol Martinez and Brian Rose, Paris, boy.

Aug. 12: Ashley and Chris Campbell, Versailles, girl.

Chendra Garner, Lexington, girl.

Erin Greenwood and Nick Vanderpool, Lexington, girl.

Laurie and Matthew Armstrong, Lexington, girl.

Aug. 13: Amber and Josh Morton, Nicholasville, girl.

Mitzy Wells Denniston, girl.

Natasha and Charles Beatty, Lexington, boy.

Aug. 14: Chrissy and Quinton Henson, Lexington, boy.

Rebecca Spencer and Gary Cable, Campton, girl.

Tasha and James Tillery, McKee, girl.

Christy and Jason Reeder, Midway, boy.

Aug. 16: Toni and John Wilkinson, Lexington, boy.

Candace Mullins and Steven Turner, Harrodsburg, boy.

Aug. 17: Brittany and Jonathan Dedman, Harrodsburg, girl.

Angelyn Faulkner and Ryan Slavey, Lexington, boy.

Genaya Smith, Lexington, girl.

Blair Seward, Lexington, boy.



Baptist Health Richmond

Aug. 17: Tatiana and Markeiffe "Mookie" Bryant, Richmond, boy.

Aug. 18: Danyale and Alexx Centers, Berea, boy.

Christa Doan and Jessie Renner, Mount Vernon, girl.

Alexis Klein and Bradley Wyatt, Berea, girl.

Aug. 19: Carrigan Runyon and Zach Croaff, Richmond, boy.

Tiffany Morman and Nathan Lykins, Waco, boy.

Laney and Christopher Coleman, Berea, girl.

Staci and Justin Hall, Richmond, boy.

Megan Sanders and David Jett, Richmond, boy.

Aug. 21: Brittany and Winston Hogan, Booneville, girl.