Help needed for rent and heat

Lex-Care clients this week need assistance to pay rent and fill a propane gas tank. Amy Wills, a social worker at Central Baptist Home Health, is handling both cases.

Her first client is a woman who needs $600 to pay her rent. Following the death of her mother, the woman had to stop working because she had to settle her mother's estate and assume the care of her 51-year-old brother, who has Down syndrome.

This change in their lives made it necessary to find housing that better met their needs, but she fell behind on the rent. Once the past-due rent is paid, the new household will be able to manage on her earnings and her brother's Supplemental Social Insurance benefits.

Wills' other client is a divorced woman who needs $637 to buy her annual ­supply of propane gas.

The woman is disabled but is able to care for her 23-year-old niece, who also is disabled.

Once a year, she fills her gas tank. She was unaware that the price had increased substantially during the past year and needs help to make the payment and keep heat in their home.

Adjustments will be made to their budget so this cost can be met next year. Income is limited and comes from Social Security and SSI benefits.