Help with phone bill requested

Ann Spero, a case manager with Eckman Freeman and Associates, is working with a man who needs $165.30 to pay his phone bill.

Twelve years ago he suffered a traumatic brain injury from a gunshot wound to his head.

He underwent a recovery and rehabilitation process that included multiple hospitalizations, several surgeries and years in rehabilitation facilities and a nursing home. He continues to have some residual effects from the injury, such as short term memory deficits and a seizure disorder.

His recovery efforts have been successful and he has been able to live on his own for more than a year.

Because he now lives alone and does not drive, his telephone is his only means of communication in times of emergency.

Budget adjustments have been made and once the bill is paid he will be able to manage on his income from Social Security Disability benefits and food stamps.

Mortgage help needed

Social worker Jessica Jaramillo submitted a case on behalf of her client, a single mother of four children ages 7, 4 and twins who were born October 2007. She needs $750 to make her mortgage payment.

She worked full time for more than a year until she took maternity leave to deliver the twins. She had to have a C-section and has been unable to return to work full time.

She is struggling to pay her medical bills and make ends meet. Her family has agreed to care for the children when she is able to go back to working full time.

She will be able to meet her financial obligations with her earnings and the financial support she is receiving from the twins' father.