Money assistance needed for two

Two requests for assistance, one for rent, the other for a security deposit, were received at Lex-Care this week.

Sandra Ballew-Barnes is working with a single mother who needs $650 to make the security deposit on an apartment. She is in the process of purchasing a Section 8 house and planned to stay in the housing she was living in until she closed the deal. Then the home she was renting was sold and her landlord gave her only two days notice to leave. She has found a place to rent, but needs assistance to pay the deposit.

The woman is employed part-time and is looking for full-time employment at a higher rate of pay. She has experience in dietary and food service fields. She also is studying to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Once she has closed the deal on the house, her living situation will stabilize and she will be able to manage on her wages and food stamps.

The request for rental assistance came from Brian Thacker, a case manager at the White House Clinic in Richmond. His client is a single woman who needs $570 to pay her lot rent.

The woman suffers from several disabling conditions including diabetes, hypertension and joint pain. She applied for Social Security Disability Insurance. While waiting for approval, she received assistance from her church and friends, but fell behind on the rent.

Her SSDI application has been granted and she now only needs to pay rent.

She has not received her first check.