For the record

Records are gathered from the county clerk and district court offices and from the Fayette County health department and area hospitals. Contact Risa Richardson at (859) 231-3201 or if you have any questions about these listings.



The Bank of New York Trust Co. N.A. vs. Edwenia Louise Keller et al. for $89,266, etc. claimed due on a mortgage.

Lexhl LP et al. vs. Lexington Fayette Urban County Government et al. for an undetermined amount claimed due for alleged violation of the open meetings act.

EMC Insurance Companies et al. vs. James Branaman for $7,116, etc. claimed due for alleged ­damages sustained in an automobile accident on Dec. 29, 2006.

CACH LLC of Colorado vs. Rebecca Stone et al. for $12,207, etc. claimed due on a contract.

84 Lumber Co. LP vs. David Tipton for $14,758, etc. claimed due on an account.

CACH LLC of Colorado vs. Vickie L. Lloyd for $4,048, etc. claimed due on an account.

Countrywide Home Loans Inc. vs. Margaret B. Webb et al. for $78,922, etc. claimed due on a mortgage.

Marablue Farm LLC vs. Paxton Anderson et al. for $55,000, etc. claimed due on an agreement.

Tareq Darwish vs. Toulmin C. Hubbard et al. for an undetermined amount claimed due for alleged injuries sustained in an automobile accident on Jan. 13, 2006.

Nurses' Registry and Home Health Corp. vs. David A. Price for an undetermined amount claimed due for alleged breach of agreement.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. vs. Dimmi T. Keys et al. for an undetermined amount claimed due on a mortgage.

National Auto Finance Co. vs. Melissa Ogden for $19,005, etc. claimed due on a contract.

SJM Homes LLC vs. Mike Bartley et al. for an undetermined amount claimed due for alleged rent owed.

Daniel A. Lee et al. vs. Russell J. Heiple et al. for an undetermined amount claimed due for alleged injuries sustained in an automobile accident on Dec. 27, 2005.

DH Capital Management Inc. vs. Amy Rippetoe for $7,353, etc. claimed due on an agreement.

Baptist Healthcare System Inc. vs. Jessica L. Preston for $4,061, etc. claimed due on an account.

Equity Alliance of Lexington LLC vs. Jalapeño's Restaurante Mexicano Inc. et al. for $138,271, etc. claimed due on a lease.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. vs. Michael B. Jones et al. for $58,721, etc. claimed due on a mortgage.

Stock Building Supply Inc. vs. McGraner Enterprises Inc. et al. for $26,659, etc. claimed due on an agreement.

Citibank South Dakota N.A. vs. Dan Lee for $4,667, etc. claimed due on an account.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. vs. Jackie Purlee et al. for $82,549, etc. claimed due on a mortgage.

GMAC Mortgage LLC vs. ­Maurice Gilbert et al. for $55,148, etc. claimed due on a mortgage.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. vs. Millicent Woods et al. for $106,400, etc. claimed due on a mortgage.

The Bank of New York Trust Co. N.A. vs. Shandra Liyanarchi et al. for $87,024, etc. claimed due on a mortgage.

Capital One Bank vs. Gina L. Howard for $4,863, etc. claimed due on an account.

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. vs. Nicholas A. Randall for $7,866, etc. claimed due for alleged damages sustained in an automobile accident on Aug. 5, 2007.

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. vs. Dustin B. Hale for $12,498, etc. claimed due for alleged damages sustained in an automobile accident on March 29, 2007.

LVNV Funding LLCP vs. Ramie A. Randell et al. for $5,766, etc. claimed due on an account.

Fabian A. Van Pelt vs. Majda Mustafic et al. for an undetermined amount claimed due for alleged injuries sustained in an automobile accident on Aug. 22, 2007.

Citibank South Dakota N.A. vs. Ashraf M. Moumana for $4,015, etc. claimed due on an account.

Noreen M. ram et al. vs. Sal's Restaurant LLC et al. for an ­undetermined amount claimed due for alleged injuries sustained in a fall on defendant's property.

Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Betty Jo Grubb for $93,351, etc. claimed due on a mortgage.

Countrywide Home Loans Inc. vs. Margaret F. Dembicki et al. for $139,149, etc. claimed due on a mortgage.

Modern Radiology PLLC vs. Neurodiagnostics P.S.C. et al. for an undetermined amount claimed due for alleged breach of contract.

Chrysler Financial vs. Lafayette D. Rader et al. for $5,838, etc. claimed due on a contract.

CACH LLC of Colorado vs. Danny W. Turner Jr. for $5,314, etc. claimed due on an account.

HSBC Bank USA NA vs. Tessa W. Lewis et al. for $49,845, etc. claimed due on a mortgage.

Central Kentucky Management Services Inc. vs. Justin Allen ­Herron for $6,098, etc. claimed due on an account.

Central Kentucky Management Services Inc. vs. James Edward Shannon for $20,531, etc. claimed due on an account.

Marriages Ended

Derrick Lee Cummins and Risi Harding Cummins.

Kimberly Hendron and Charles Kelly Hendron.

Joseph C. Lewis and Sherry R. Lewis.

Lance Allyn Lautzenheiser and Kristi Lee Spurlock.

Tiimothy Scott McDaniel and Kimberly Sue McDaniel.

David Toombs and Belinda Sue Toombs.

David R. Tuttle and Kimberly McFall Tuttle.

Damon L. Durrum and Cheryl Durrum.

Tracie Lynn Wilson and Shawn Taylor Wilson.

Shannon Danielle Hamilton and Terry Hamilton.

Deborah Hope Sullivan and Roger S. Sullivan.

Donna R. Anglin and Ronnie W. Anglin.

Marriage Licenses

Shaelane Marie Taylor and Jose Simon Matias Hernandez.

Tamika Ann Evans and Darron Len Wilson.

Blossom Maria Smith and Derek Lashawn Ward.

Nelly Esperanza Ovalle Chimpen and Jerry Lang Townsend.

Frances Marie Gaines and Allan Lane Willoughby.

Barbara Jane Mullins and Troy Wayne Turner.

Angelina Danielle Begley and Ryan Donald Fleming.

Ingrid Yaneth Flores and Ruben Alejandro Alvarez Gallegos.

Kimberely Renee Blackford and Orlando James Hicks.

Shannon Marie Kostelnik and Robert Donald Moreland.

Shana Frances Vanhoose and Timothy Patrick Ryker.

Christine Mary Pond and Andrew Scott Workman.

Kristen Elizabeth Boyd and Nicholas David Coleman.

Angel Marie Mccowan and Josiah James Stevens.

Brittany Michelle Payton and Jon Dustin Burton.

Cheryl Ann Nickell and John Thomas Radigan Jr.

Janet Leigh Selof and Vernon Keith Caudell.

Michelle Lang Harris and ­Kenneth Howard Shields.

Sharnisa Lynna Robertson and James L.T. Mason Jr.

Linda Sade Kelly and Andre Sabrice Johnson.

Amber Desiree Stivers and Arlie Glenn Ritchie.

Samira Mustafa Shalash and Ricky Darryl Davis.

Angela Lynn Kirk and Joel Craig Martin.

Terry Lynn Harvey and Phillip Jermaine Powell.

Candice Renee Byrd and Manuel De Jesus Gonzales.

Margaret Ellen Howard and Charles Edward Walsh.


Marriages Ended

Michael R. Ball and Annell E. Ball.

Donna Courtney and David Courtney.

Mikyu Miller and Terrell Lymar Miller.

Londa J. Adkins and Joseph Paul Wellner.

Rhonda Smith and Randolph Smith.

Lisa Ann Howard Moore and Thomas Mitchell Moore.

Major Toles and Patricia Ann Toles.

Barbara Faye Conn and Brad Dwayne Conn.

Melanie Dawn Cummins and Dudley Ray Gilbert.

Njaga Jagne and Katrina Lynn Jagne.

Douglas Patrick Smalley and Sharon Diane Smalley.

Ray Clifton Peden Jr. and Cindy Shryock Peden.

Carol Jane McDonald and Ricky Dan McDonald.

Jessica Rose Stover and Shawn Michael Stover.

Fatoumata Turay and Amadou Njie.

Kevin Ray Smith and Melissa Dawn Smith.

Keith A. Tipton and Erin O. Tipton.

Melinda Howard Watts and Donald Sik Watts.

Allison B. Gordon and Phillip M. Gordon.

Cynthia Lu Gosser and Bobby Gosser.

Lori G. Smith and Kenworth Wayne Smith.

Mary Ann Hirschler and Bruce C. Hirschler.

Marsha L. Banta and Robert H. Banta.

Joseph Eric Clark and Billie Shannon Clark.

Leigh Ann Bowen and Roger Wayne Bowen.

Karzetta M. Mosman and Curtis John Mosman.

Tiffany Gayle Pennington and Joseph L. Pennington.

Joy Lee Moll and Edward Joseph Moll.

Merritt Louis Charles Whitelow IV and Renee Marie Whitelow.

Brandy Jump Adcock and Christopher Michael Adcock.

Brenda Lynn Stewart and ­William Milton Stewart.

Paul Nsiah and Charlotte Nsiah.

Deborah L. Campbell and ­Donnie Ray Campbell.

Nancy Brown Otten and William Martin Otten.

Larry Douglas Wilhoite and Mary Jacqueline Wilhoite.

Marriage Licenses

Latoria Howard and Alan ­Douglas Cochran.

Melody Anne Stivers and Stephen Wayne Greenup.

Barbara Faye Conn and Jarod Lee Wainscott.

Frances Arlene Hagy and ­Christopher Lee Fitzgerald.

Angela Dawn Drury and Eddie James Horn.

Misty Dawn Dobbs and Darren Ray Nichols.

Heather Marie Morrison and Zachary Aaron Douglas Patrick.

Ina Lee Grider and John Cyril Munro.

Chasity June Sherrill and Donald Edward Dean.

Jessica Saray Gaeta and Justin Wayne Brandenburg.

Carmie Roberta Miller and Randall Thomas Harrod.

Kimberly Ann Collins and Thomas Vincent Wunderlich II.

Vicki Anne Brown and ­Christopher Charles Cook.

Jennifer Leah Nolen and ­Clarence Michael Stapleton.

Julie Ann Morgan and Jerry Brian Tingle.

Patricia M. Ellis and Craig N. Chisley.

Keven Lynn Davis Harris and James Edward Patterson.

Susan H. Purvis and Jerrel D. Purvis.

Marisa Elizabeth Feddock and Richard Wayne Frost.

Margaret Elizabeth Townsley and Erwin Wayne Lewis.

Vanessa Renee Hockensmith and Ray Thomas Eastman.

Mary Owusu and Willie Thomas Riley.

Jane Rayborn Eldridge and David Ronald Massingill.

Edith Ray Sayre and Charles Edward Mygrant.

Birth Announcements

Central Baptist Hospital

Dec. 8: Harbour, Paul and Nicole Brown, daughter.

Feb. 10: Misawa, Daiske and Christine Taukolo, Lexington, daughter.

Feb. 19: Bell, Christopher and Julie, Richmond, son.

Brown, Ashley, Lexington, son.

Puckett, Melanie, Lexington, son.

Feb. 20: Cruz, Juan and Ashley Abrams, Paris, daughter.

Donselman, Donald and Tonya, Richmond, daughter.

Easley, Patrick and Danielle, Lexington, son.

Everhard, Justin and Shawna, Nicholasvillle, son.

McMurray, Amy, Versailles, daughter.

Peel, Devona, Nicholasville, son.

Stargel, Louis and Tonya, Russell Springs, twin son and daughter.

Feb. 21: Abney, Steven and Evelyn, Nicholasville, daughter.

Brimm, James and Danette, Corbin, daughter.

Davis, JonMichael and Summer, Richmond, daughter.

Habash, Kefah and Tessa, Lexington, son.

Hardin, William and Kerri, Lexington, daughter.

Harris, Megan, Lexington, daughter.

Harrod, Crystal, Nicholasville, son.

Hernandez, Nora, Lexington, son.

Williams, Traci, Lexington, daughter.

Feb. 22: Blandin, Shaunice, Lexington, daughter.

Estill, Toby and Emily, ­Lexington, daughter.

Florence, Gerald and Amber, Lexington, son.

Minton, Jonathan and Shellena Couch, Lexington, son.

Nutter, Byron and Temeka Hughes, Lexington, son.

Smedley, Christopher and Melissa, Georgetown, daughter.

Smith, Navine and Charity Sadler, Lexington, son.

Wethington, Kennan and ­Therese, Lexington, son.

Feb. 23: Albertson, Kenny and Terra, Lexington, daughter.

Holmes, Bryant and Kristina Courtland, Lexington, daughter.

McDonough, William and Nicole, Lexington, son.

O'Neal, Michael and Georgia Hisel, Versailles, daughter.

Spencer, Chadwick and Sarah, Wilmore, son.

Feb. 24: Fain, Natasha, ­Lexington, daughter.

Ridge, Thomas II and Heather, Lexington, son.

Scott, Melissa, Nicholasville, daughter.

Feb. 25: Gibbs, Angela, ­Owingsville, son.

Graham, John and Piper, Versailles, son.

Groce, David and Cassandra, Lexington, daughter.

Holloman, Ernestine, Lexington, son.

Stevens, Brandi, Nicholasville, son.

Walker, Shenika, Lexington, son.

Webb, Eric and Elizabeth, Frankfort, son.

Woodrum, Keisha, Versailles, son.

Feb. 26: Alexander, Jessica, Lexington, daughter.

Amburgey, Daniel and Candace, Jeffersonville, son.

Auterson, Virl and Mistie, Morehead, son.

Brown, Amy, Lexington, son.

Ennakoa, Adnan and Hannah, Lexington, daughter.

Gates, Zachery and Christina, Versailles, daughter.

Herald, Michael and Tiffany, Hazard, son.

Feb. 27: Bedwell, James and Autumn, Lancaster, daughter.

Hall, Benjamin and Heather, Lexington, daughter.

Hendrix, Dennis and Jennifer, Richmond, daughter.

Larison, Wesley and Chesney, Mount Sterling, son.

Little, Ishmael and Devon, Vancleve, son.

Ryan, Stephen and Melissa, Lexington, daughter.

Semrau, Chad and Julie, ­Harrodsburg, son.

Stepp, James and Danita, Georgetown, son.

Watts, Joshua and Carla ­Stockton, Lexington, son.

Wren, Mark and Allison Isaacs, Berea, son.

Feb. 28: Broaddus, Shawn and Christeen, Lexington, daughter.

Denson, Jamyme, Lexington, daughter.

Duong, Hoang and Megan Deleon, Lexington, daughter.

Fenske, Mark and Michelle, Lexington, son.

Jones, William and Rebecca, Lexington, son.

Richards, Destiney, ­Nicholasville, daughter.

Thomas, Tiffany, Nicholasville, daughter.

Walker, Adrianne, Richmond, daughter.

Feb. 29: Barrett, Dal and Laurie, Lexington, son.

Cunningham, Joshua and Jacqui, Lexington, daughter.

Davis, Heather, Lexington, daughter.

Ewing, Melissa, Richmond, son.

Jones, Charles and Kesayne Evette, Lexington, son.

Kennedy, Shane and Rachael, Lexington, twin sons.

Nall, James and Lucy, ­Lexington, daughter.

O'Sullivan, William and Megan, Lawrenceburg, son.

Riley, Jonathan and Kirsten, Lexington, daughter.

Wallace, Paul and Stacia, Lexington, daughter.

Wooldridge, Sigmund and Lynette, Lexington, son.

March 1: Clark, Jason and Tara, Frankfort, son.

Dickson, Jeff and Katherine, Lexington, son.

King, Robert and Kayla ­Harmon, Lexington, son.

Washburn, Damond and ­Shamara, Lexington, son.

March 2: Arnold, Nathan and Aimee, Lancaster, son.

Gayheart, Kayla, Lexington, daughter.

Oliver, David and Stacy, ­Nicholasville, daughter.

Mosqueda, Craig and Leah, Wilmore, son.

March 3: Boden, Charles and Alanson, Lexington, daughter.

Draeger, Scott and Cathy, Lexington, daughter.

Harrison, Wayne and Sydney, McKee, daughter.

Hellmann, Robert and Megan, Lexington, daughter.

Lynch, Damian and Ann, Paris, daughter.

Martin, Stephen and Nicole, Versailles, daughter.

McGhee, Adam and Emily, Wilmore, son.

Pyles, Jessica, Burnside, son.

Wilcher, Kathleen, Nicholasville, son.

March 4: Anderkin, William and Laura, Lexington, son.

Beaver, Seth and Dawn, ­Lexington, son.

Brammer, Scott and Tina, Lancaster, daughter.

David, Jaleel and Shawna Chafin, Lexington, daughter.

Dobbins, Robert and Tamara, Lexington, son.

Gustashaw, William and Sarah, Lexington, son.

Hancock, Daniel and Lori, Lexington, son.

Taylor, Larry and Kelly, ­Richmond, daughter.

Venters, Denise, Beattyville, daughter.

Wilkerson, Joshua and Angela, Lexington, son.

Wilson, Mattew and Jada, Lexington, daughter.

March 5: Fugate, Jeffrey and Angela, Hazard, daughter.

March 6: Akers, Jennifer, Campton, daughter.

Boone, John and Cannida, Lexington, daughter.

Crisp, Mike and Jennifer ­Franklin, Sadieville, daughter.

Hardin, Michael and Jennifer, Lexington, daughter.

Perry, Eric and Areva, Campton, daughter.

Strunk, Josh and Rhonda, Stearns, twin sons,

March 7: Barnett, Timothy and Janine, Lexington, son.

Bugg, Clark and Elizabeth, Lexington, son.

Isaacs, Greg and Karoline Munson, Midway, daughter.

Kiefer, William and Eleisha, Lexington, daughter.

Law, Josh and Jessica, ­Lexington, son.

Shelton, Justin and Beth, Nicholasville, son.

Walriven, Kelley, Lexington, son.

March 8: Richardson, Michael and Risa, Lexington, daughter.

March 9: Alexander, Andrew and Emily, Richmond, son.

Banks, Robert and Lori, ­Lexington, daughter.

Hoskins, Tiffany, Winchester, son.

Patton, Theresa, Lexington, daughter.

Sherman, Richard and Delia, Lexington, son.

Waldridge, Jacob and Deanna Woolsey, Lexington, daughter.

March 10: Collins, Kenneth and Amber, Frankfort, daughter.

Hornback, Joshua and Jennifer, Nicholasville, son.

Love, James and Keisha, Lexington, daughter.

Simpson, Jessica, Lexington, daughter.

St. Joseph Hospital

Feb. 18: Cline, Jeff and LeAnn, Winchester, son.

Kearns, Stephanie, Lexington, son.

Lair, Eric and Jessica, ­Richmond, son.

Feb. 19: Blackwelder, Chad and Leslie Caudill, Winchester, daughter.

Holbrook, Todd and Angela, Pine Ridge, daughter.

Johnson, Greg and Sheena Wilcox, Versailles, son.

Feb. 20: Franco, Marc and ­Toccara, Lexington, son.

Hagerman, Wes and Jennifer, Lexington, son.

Johnson, Joe and Joy, ­Lexington, daughter.

Kachelreis, Brad and Nadia, Lexington, daughter.

Feb. 21: Clark, Ben and ­Shannon, Lexington, daughter.

DiNardo, Mark and Karla, Lexington, son.

Irvin, Michael and Kristal, ­Harrodsburg, son.

Feb. 22: Calloway, Patrick and Gretchen, Lexington, daughter.

Craycraft, Robert and Christy, Lexington, daughter.

Gross, Billy Joe and Sheila Starnes, Irvine, son.

Perry, Scott and Kristie Hardin, Richmond, daughter.

Wright, Jason and Mary Beth, Lexington, son.

Feb. 23: Kiteck, Andrew and Sandi, Lexington, daughter.

Feb. 24: Couch, James and Heather, Berea, son.

Feb. 25: Sparks, Arleigh and Brenda, Winchester, daughter.

Taylor, Trevor and Amy, ­Nicholasville, son.

Feb. 26: Grubbs, Clarence and Helen Basnett, Cranks, daughter.

Norman, Sly and Christina Young, Lexington, son.

Palmer, Kelly and Rebecca, Winchester, son.

Payne, Aaron and Angie, Morehead, son.

Sidles, David and Amber, Lexington, daughter.

Turner, Joshua and Rebecca, Richmond, daughter.

Feb. 28: Cloyd, Josh and Laura, Frankfort, son.

Dalton, Michael and Cortney, Hazard, son.

Eason, Joe and Christy, ­Lancaster, son.

Fox, Brock and Kim, Lexington, daughter.

Reed, Damon and Tasha ­Dundon, Lexington, son.

Feb. 29: Lamson, Ryan and Jenny, Winchester, son.

March 1: Ford, Chris and ­Allison, Lexington, daughter.

Hageman, Greg and LeeAnna, Lexington, son.

March 3: Floyd, David and Nacole, Owingsville, daughter.

Lucas, Russell and Amy, ­Lexington, daughter.

Puckett, Roddy and Carrie, Lexington, twin daughters.

Vires, Brannon and Tonya, Lexington, son.

March 4: Clayborne, Anthony and Tashia, Nicholasville, son.

Landefeld, Tom and Cynthia, Wellington, son.

Tiang, Chayleang and ­Carmenisa Jimmison, Lexington, daughter.

Wolak, Art and Jeri, Richmond, daughter.

March 5: Howell, Bobby and Amber, Pikeville, daughter.

Miklavcic, Greg and Jennifer, Frankfort, daughter.

Sparkman, Dustin and Glenda, Kite, daughter.

March 6: Newsome, Boyd and Kathryn, Lexington, daughter.

Pankey, Brandon and Runetta, Winchester, daughter.

March 7: Elliott, William and Dima Hannelore, Lexington, son.

Galyon, Jason and Erica, ­Frankfort, daughter.

Harney, Brandon and Megan, Lexington, daughter.

March 8: Givens, Demarkus and Brittany Merrill, Lexington, daughter.

March 9: Fair, Jason and Ginni, Richmond, daughter.

Hughes, Todd and Jama, Lexington, daughter.

Frankfort Regional Medical Center


Feb. 28: Allan, Jacob and Megan, daughter.

March 13: Wehr, Michael ­Douglas and Jennifer Lynn, ­Frankfort, daughter.

Pattie A. Clay Regional Medical Center


Feb. 18: Hairston, Alfred and Jenny Mounts, Richmond, son.

Harris, Tim and Whitney Harris, McKee, daughter.

Wickert, Matthew and Jerusha Wickert, Berea, daughter.

Feb. 19: Kelley, Shannon and Farrah Stone, Richmond, daughter.

Smith, Marvin and Maya Hinton, Richmond, daughter.

Weldon, Wes and Crystal Bush, Salvisa, daughter.

York, James and Staci York, Irvine, son.

Feb. 20: Alexander, Tabitha, Berea, daughter.

Gunn, Timothy and Natausha Givens, Richmond, son.

Haddix, Billy and Deborah ­Haddix, Brodhead, daughter.

Stearns, Gary and Melanie Stearns, Richmond, son.

White, Carl and Jennifer White, McKee, daughter.

Feb. 21: Elliott, James, and Naomi Elliott, Berea, son.

Harris, Clinton and Angela ­Harris, Berea, daughter.

Sizemore, Kenneth and Paula Fritz, Richmond, daughter.

Feb. 22: Marcum, Charles and Denisia Marcum, Irvine, son.

Feb. 23: Mullins, John and Bridget Corie, Beattyville, son.

Rawlins, Joseph and Cassandra Rawlins, Ravenna, daughter.

Feb. 24: Callahan, Tony and Tonya Callahan, Tyner, daughter.

Feb. 25: Gassoway, Tricia, Richmond, daughter.

Mays, Brandon and Felecia Mays, Waco, son.

Neeley, Israel and Elizabeth Neeley, Berea, daughter.

Roberts, Adam and Emily North, Berea, daughter.

Feb. 26: Carrier, Billy and ­Chasity Thomas, Berea, daughter.

Reyes, Jesus and Brandy ­Freeman, Irvine, son.

Riddell, Joshua and Sarah ­Riddell, Irvine, daughter.

Wynn, Jonathan and Leia ­Jennings, Richmond, son.

Feb. 27: Bei, Feng and Ye Ding, Richmond, son.

Young, Alan and Brandy ­Puckett, Irvine, son.

Feb. 28: Hernandez, Francisco and Maria Murin, Mexico, son.

Hitch, Brian and Jessica King, Richmond, daughter.

Feb. 29: Jordan, Shawn and Adrienne Daughdrill, Richmond, son.

Justice, Danny and Krystle ­Haddix, Richmond, son.

March 1: Denny, Shaun and Jamie Weaver, Brodhead, son.

March 2: Ray, Michael and Lois Burton, Richmond, daughter.

March 3: Applegate, Joseph and Mariea Brockman, Richmond, son.

Boyd, Jason and DeeAnn Blyd, Irvine, son.

Hamilton, Robert and Amber, Richmond, son.

Hess, Ryan and Libby Hess, Berea, daughter.

Huguely, Michael and Kimberly Huguely, Richmond daughter.

Isaacs, Kristin, Richmond, son.

Thomas, Brandon and Ella Cauley, Mount Vernon, daughter.

March 4: Secrist, Jonathon and Ashley VanWinkle, Berea, son.

March 5: Rawlins, James and Samantha Rawlins, Irvine, daughter.

March 6: McKee, Katreena, Richmond, son.

McKinney, Sheila, Richmond, daughter.

Rogers, April, Richmond, son.

March 7: Griffin, Joshua and Brittany Stone, Berea, son.

Lovell, Andrew and Samantha Tow, Richmond, daughter.

Sommer, Andrew and Amanda Sommer, Beattyville, son.

March 8: Lamb, Daniel and Brittany Gadd, Berea, son.

Standifer, Dereck and Jennifer Pointer, Richmond, son.

March 10: Angel, Michael and Michelle Angel, London, son.

Mainous, Brent and Cretia Mainous, Irvine, son.

Miller, Ryan and Holly Miller, Berea, daughter.