Single dad with 2 sons needs help with rent

Cathy Sutphen, social worker at the Russell Cave Family Resource Center, submitted the only case being featured this week. Her client is a single father of sons ages 3 and 11. He needs $750 to pay his past due rent.

He is separated from his wife and recently received sole custody of his sons. He is employed by a company in the construction business. During the winter months, work and his earnings were sporadic. With the arrival of warmer weather both will again be steady.

He was able to handle the expenses necessitated by the changes he made to accommodate having his children living with him. When a water leak developed he fell behind on his rent. His landlord, knowing the father is a good tenant, is working with him on a plan for repayment of back rent.

Once that bill is cleared he will be able to meet the family's living expenses.