Help Lex-Care to help

Lex-Care received two cases this week involving medical problems.

One case was submitted by Jennifer Davis, a social worker at Central Baptist Hospital. Her client is a married mother of a 5 year-old. The family needs $750 to cover payments on their mortgage, utility and automobile bills.

In March of this year she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is now receiving chemotherapy with radiation to follow. When these bills are paid and she returns to work the family will be able to meet financial obligations.

Another case involves a family whose daughter has been admitted to the Hospice Program for the terminally ill. Selene Negrette, the hospice worker in charge of the case, submitted a request on the family's behalf for $495.25 so they can pay their mortgage.

The family is a married couple with two daughters, ages 19 and 18. The younger daughter was diagnosed at birth with a very rare disease that affects all the body muscles. She can no longer walk. The muscles of her heart are losing ability to pump sufficient blood.

The father is employed and the mother recently chose to leave her job to take care of her daughter. Once the mother can return to work the family will be able to manage.

Others needing help

Beth Myers, a social worker at Mary Todd Family Resource Center, is working with a woman with two children, ages 12 and 14, who needs $520 to make a security deposit.

She is employed full time by the Fayette County Public Schools. Before she and her husband separated he was laid off. The loss of his income created a hardship. The financial situation was exacerbated by the expense of setting up a second household into which she and the children will move. She will be able to support the new household on the income she earns once the up-front costs of her move are paid.

Kara Leavell, who works at Goodwill Industries of Kentucky, is working with a single mother who needs $500 to pay for automobile repairs to get her from home to work.