Top finishers listedfrom the Corman 5K run

Wilmore Festival of the Fourth R.J. Corman 5K Run top finishers were Jarred Brewster of Nicholasville, 17:31, and Ann Marie Eason of Lexington, 22:31.

Other top finishers were: David Webster, second male overall; Ben Hall, third male overall; Jen Miller, second ­female overall; Tanya ­Crockett, third female overall.

Under 10 years: first male, Grayson Bailey; second male, Jackson Campbell. 11-14 years: first male, Matthew ­Liversedge; second male, Luke Rearic; first female, Miranda Mullin; second female, Kaitlyn Williamson; third male, Jordan U'Wren; third female, Jenny Petrey. 15-18 years: first male, Jordan Valenta; second male, Nathan Haitt; third male, Ryan Yoder; first female, Nadia Whelchel; second female, Beth Crist; third female, April Corman. 19-23 years: first male, Brady Feltz; second male, Tyler Zweiffel; third male, Michael Brislin; first female, Kelley West; second female, Holly Hernandez. 24-29 years: first male, David St. Louis; second male, Peter Cook; third male, Andrew McCawley; first female, Lindsay Ball; second female, Meredith Brooks; third female, Stephanie Bellinger.

30-34 years: first male, Robert Workman; second male, Thomas Yonts; third male, Laurence Coppedge; first female, Mary Ann ­Workman; second female, Christine Johnson; third female, Essie Cade. 35-39 years: first male, Rich Puckett; second male, Chris Camuel; third male, Vladimir Kostas; first female, Sally Schneider; second female, Ximena McCollum; third female, Jennifer Harris. 40-44 years: first male, Gerald Thompson; second male, ­Willis Coffey; third male, Roger Ayers; first female, Cheryl Nesselroade; second female, Birgid Niedenzu; third female, Deborah Jackson. 45-49 years: first male, Valdis Zeps; second male, Bill Hughes; third male, Alan Vanarsdall; first female, Alice Hendrickson; second female, Laurel Tinker; third female, Kathy Burbidge.

50-54 years: first male, Rodney Hendrickson; second male, Curtis Tinker; third male, Dan Bowling; first female, Wendy Hoffman; ­second female, Priscilla ­Tiger; third female, Ann Smith. 55-59 years: first male, Joe Schum; second male, Charles Bishop; third male, Stephen Kinney; first female, Sharon Vanhoose; second female, Linda Morris; third female, Catherine Bishop. 60-64 years: first male, Phil McConathy; second male, Mike Bell; third male, David Cravens and David Smith (tie); first female, Mary ­Cochran; second female, Linda Giurgevich. 65+ years: first male, Don Coffman; second male, Steve Goodwin; third male, Jim Moore; first female, Bonnie Kotesky; ­second female, Ann Ezell; third female, Dorothy Bowen.

Oldest participant: Harold Love, age 80.

Youngest participant: ­Jackson Campbell, age 5.

The race was held June 28.