Two single men need your help

Two cases were received at Lex-Care this week, both requesting assistance to pay rent.

Nicole Smith, a social worker at the Fayette County Health Department, is advising a single 61-year-old man who needs $425 to pay his rent.

He has a full-time job, but fell behind on this rent before he found the job. He has not yet received his first paycheck.

Once the back rent is paid he will be able to manage on his earnings.

Kara Leavell, at Goodwill Industries, advises that one of their employees, a single 51-year-old man, needs $200 to pay his lot rent.

The man has limited income. For security reasons, he needs to replace the door on his trailer.

However, with the increased cost of food and utilities, he is unable to save enough to pay his living expenses and save enough to buy one.

Once the lot rent is paid he will be able to get the door.